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Maya Jama Parents: Hussein, Sadie Jama, Siblings

Image of Maya Jama

A good voice and charming personality are the primary attributes of an effective radio and TV presenter.

This article will talk about one of the most skilled presenters and DJs in Britain, Maya Jama. You can currently hear her on British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC One on various radio shows.

Maya debuted in 2012 when she initially pursued acting but eventually realized that she got a better shot in hosting and presenting.

In 2014, she got her Driving with Maya segment on RinseFM and joined BBC Radio 1 four years later.

Apart from radio, Maya also appeared in different TV Shows such as FIFA World Cup Cities (2014), The Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2019), and The Big New Year’s In (2021).

Jama also hosted different award shows throughout her career. She used her voice in good use as she also anchored the When Life Gives You Melons (2018) podcast.

The BBC 1’s host was born on the 14th of August, 1997, and she will turn 28 this year.

Maya is a daughter to her interracial parents, Hussein Jama, a Somalian, and Sadie Jama, a Swedish.

She also has their mother primarily raised a younger brother named Omar, both of them in Bristol, England.

Learn more about Maya Jama’s family life as we dwell on her personal life in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Maya Jama’s Parent’s Relationship

Image of Maya Jama
Maya Jama is a British television, radio presenter, and DJ.

Hussein and Sadie Jama are the couples who brought Maya into this world.

There are no exact details about their marriage, such as the length of their relationship or the date of their weddings. However, they are blessed with two kids.

Their marriage life is always on the rocks as Hussein is constantly going to jail because of violence-related cases.

It is reported that Maya had a stepfather when she was growing up, giving us that Sadie got into another relationship. Still, the identity of the man is not publicly disclosed.

Hussein Jama, Maya’s Father

Maya is quite distant from her father, Hussein. Ever since the DJ was young, her old man was in and out of prison because of his violent nature, engaging in brawls and street fights.

Maya stopped paying a visit to her father when she realized that he was choosing that kind of life himself, eventually tiring out his daughter.

Maya participated in a documentary called When Dads Kill (2017), relating herself to growing up without a proper father figure.

Hussein’s details are not available to the public.

Sadie Jama, Maya’s Mother

Image of Maya Jama with her mother, Sadie Jama
Maya Jama with her mother, Sadie Jama

Sadie was a teenage mom when she gave birth to Maya, as she was only 19 years old.

She picked Maya’s name for her daughter from an American writer, Maya Angelou.

While Maya’s father was spending jail time, Sadie made sure that she fulfilled the role of being a good mother to her two children.

It seemed practical as her two kids grew up to be successful in their ventures,

Maya’s Brother, Omar Jama

Maya has a younger brother, Omar, two years younger than her.

The siblings share a good bond as Maya often flexes her brother on her social media accounts, stating how proud she is of Omar.

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