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McClain Sisters Parents: Michael McClain, Shontell McClain, Siblings

They are known for their distinctive vocalization and relationship with one another. The McClain sisters is a vocal girl group formed in the year 2005.

It was composed of sisters China Sierra and Lauryn. They are a group that exudes exuberant and very positive energy when performing.

They have several ups and downs and are on and off in the music industry. The group went on hiatus in 2016 and was revived in June 2020 under the new name Thriii.

Several Disney Channel fans will recognize them by being one of the opening acts for the Better with U tour in Houston of the boy band Big Time Rush.

Although they are not as prominent as they were before, the sisters are continuing to thrive in the industry and are still producing singles up to this date.

Curious about who the parents of the vocal girl group known as McClain sisters are?

Do the girls have any other siblings? Learn more about their personal life and family by reading the article below.

McClain Sisters’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of McClain Sisters
The stars, also known as Thriii, are an American girl group formed in 2005 by the sisters China Anne McClain, Sierra McClain, and Lauryn McClain.

They were born out of the love and affection of Michael and Shontell McClain.

The sisters are very proud of their family and their ancestry.

There is little to no information available regarding the couple’s love story.

However, the feet of being able to have more than one child is that testimony of their fondness and undying love toward another.

The couple has been very supportive of their daughters’ musical success before and continues to help them.

McClain Sisters’ Father Michael McClain Biography

Known to be the primary helper and producer for the McClain sisters, Michael McClain is also believed to be their father.

His love and passion for producing music and creating beautiful songs have been passed down to his daughters.

Michael is known to have made the debut album of Solange Knowles, known as Solo Star, in 2002.

McClain Sisters’ Mother, Shontell McClain Biography

Of course, Michael is not the only musician and the only one passionate about music in the family.

Shontell is also confirmed to be a songwriter and a former screenwriter.

It is undeniable that the parents’ interest when it comes to music is one of the inspirations of the McClain sisters.

McClain Sisters’ Siblings

Image of McClain Sisters with their brother, Gabriel McClain
The girl group with their brother, Gabriel McClain

Aside from China, Sierra, and Lauryn, Michael and Shontell also have a boy named Gabriel McClain, who is now turning 21 in 2022.

Again Gabriel is also believed to be fond of music, just like his family.

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