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Melanie Martinez’s Parents: Mery, Jose Martinez, Siblings

Image of Melanie Martinez American singer and song writer

Melanie Adele Martinez, popularly known as Melanie Martinez, is a well-known American singer-songwriter, actress, photographer, producer, and director. Melanie started her singing career when she auditioned in the talent show, The Voice.

There, she was mentored by superstar Adam Levine. Later on, Martinez was eliminated from the competition, but she garnered many fans called Cry Babies.

On February 9, 2014. She released her debut song, “Dollhouse.” 5 years later, she directed and produced her film, “K-12”.

On April 28, 1995, she was born in Astoria, Queens, the USA, with her parents, Mery and Jose Martinez, and her siblings.

She is now residing in Manhattan, New York, together with her family.

Find out more about this pop star’s parents in this Wikipedia-style biography as we share personal details about her family.

Melanie Martinez’s Father, Jose Martinez

Image of Melanie Martinez Director and Actress
Melanie Martinez Director and Actress

Little information has been disclosed about Jose Martinez, the pop star’s father. He is very supportive of Melanie’s photography and singing career as well.

Jose was together with his daughter’s first audition in 2012 in the aforementioned show.

He is known for being a private person; even details about his occupation are well-kept. Also, he deleted some of his photos on his social media accounts.

However, he sometimes shares his hobbies, such as watching baseball and football matches.

Melanie’s father is a faithful and God-fearing person. Jose is currently 55 years old and was born on December 2, 1967.

Melanie Martinez’s Mother, Mery Martinez 

Image of Melanie Martinez, Photographer, Visual Artist
Melanie Martinez, Photographer, Visual Artist

Mery Martinez also came to Melanie’s audition to support her. There is no information about Mery’s job, but she says that motherhood is the top priority in her life, and she quotes, “I am a proud mother” on her social media platform.

Aside from the pop star, Mery also gave birth to her two sons, Joseph Timothy Martinez and Emilio Martinez. Before, Mery had several Instagram profiles, but now she is completely silent on social media.

Melanie Martinez’s Siblings, Joseph and Emilio

Joseph’s exact age is unknown; however, he is just a few years younger than his famous sister. Melanie’s more youthful brother graduated from high school in 2013, and he performs well academically.

Even though his full name is Joseph Timothy Martinez, Joseph’s elder sister adores him and refers to him as “my Jofish.” However, no additional information about Melanie’s brother, Emilio Martinez.

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