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Michael Epps Parents: Tommy Epps, Mary Reed, Siblings

Image of Michael Epps

Michael Eliot Epps was born on November 18, 1970. He is an American stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and rapper.

Epps also worked on several projects like Next Friday, where he played Day-day Jones.

The comedian was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Brooklyn to pursue his career.

He is the only son of Tommy Epps and Mary Reed. The 51-year-old was close to his parents.

Given that he is the only child in their small family, Epps always worked hard to sustain his parents’ day-to-day expenses.

Tommy and Mary were supportive parents of the comedian.

He even was inspired to make some jokes about them and from his personal experiences while he moved out from Indiana.

To know more details about Michael Epps’ parents’ biography, career, and love life, continue to read the article below.

Michael Epps’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Michael Epps with his parents, Mary Reed and Tommy Epps
Michael Epps with his parents, Mary Reed and Tommy Epps

The struggle of Epps to become a stand-up comedian took a lot of sacrifices to be successful in Brooklyn. Michael’s parents are very supportive of the comedian.

His parents have supported him since he moved out and began his career.

After getting Michael’s job and settling in Brooklyn, he continued to support his parents.

Both of Michael’s parents died in 2020. He shared in Instagram posts that Tommy and Mary were great parents to him.

They remained the comedian’s number one inspiration to become the great comedian to who he is today.

Reporters can gather no information regarding the parents’ love life of Michael Epps.

Michael Epps mother: Mary Reed

Image of Michael Epps with his mother, Mary Reed
Epps with his mother, Mary Reed, when he graduated High School at 45

Michael Epps’s mother is Mary Reed. The only information known to the public is that she is close to her only son, and according to the comedian, she dedicated her life to working and being a great mother.

Unfortunately, Mary Reed died before Christmas of 2021, and the comedian only shared the news on his Instagram two days after the holiday, stating that her mother was a great woman.

There are no specifics as to how and what caused the death of Michael’s mother. Michael Epps’ father: Tommy Epps

Tommy Epps is the father of the comedian. Like his mother, researchers can gather no information regarding his father.

Tommy Epps died after the death of his wife. According to his post of Michael on his Instagram account, his father is one of his greatest inspirations to be a happy and comedic man.

Tommy allowed him to value humor and use it to make other people happy through his jokes.

Michael Epps siblings

It is reported that Michael Epps has no siblings.

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