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Michelle Miller Parents: Maria Ortiz Miller, Dr. Ross M. Miller, Jr.

Image of Michelle Miller Co-host at CBS

Michelle Miller is a journalist who works for Columbia Broadcasting System. She serves as a host on CBS Saturday Morning.

Before she started her job at CBS News, Miller worked for nine years as a news anchor and reporter for WWL-TV, one of the CBS stations in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Her remarkable achievements include the Edward R. Murrow Award, Woman of the Year, and other honors.

She has also received several awards and accolades over her distinguished career.

She was born on December 8, 1967, and belongs to a mixed-race family in Los Angeles, California, as her father was black, Dr. Ross M. Miller Jr., and her mother, Maria Ortiz Miller, is white.

Learn more about this multiracial journalist’s guardian, parents, and family relationship in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Michelle Miller’s Father, Dr. Ross M. Miller Jr

Image of Dr.Ross Miller Jr.
Father of Michele Miller, Dr. Ross M. Miller Jr.

Dr. Miller was a political activist who was born in Boston. At the age of 22, he is also the youngest surgeon. Dr. Ross was also a civic leader and the first physician to attend to Robert Kennedy during his brutal assassination. Dr. Miller passed away at the age of 68.

Michelle Miller’s Parents’ Relationship

Michelle’s mother was a white administrator at the same hospital where her father, Dr. Miller, worked.

Mrs. Maria Miller’s family was racist, and dating a black man was frowned upon on her mother’s side.

Because her pregnancy was unplanned, she kept it hidden from her family and relatives when they found out Mrs. Maria was expecting.

Later, owing to a severe issue such as racism, her family was forced to live apart.

When Dr. Miller was diagnosed with cancer, it was one of the first times Michelle initially spoke with her mother.

No one knows where Miller’s mother is right now or what she’s up to.

Michelle Miller’s Host’s Guardian Relationship, Edna

Since Michelle was a kid, she had lived with her aunt Edna in Alabama, who died in 2020 due to old age.

Michelle Miller’s Siblings

Michelle has five siblings: two sisters, Cheryl and Kris-Anne, and three brothers, Jason, Ross, and Jonathan. There is no further information about her siblings.

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