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Mickey Guyton Parents: Phyllis Ann Roddy, Michael Eugene Guyton, Siblings

Image of Mickey Guyton an American Country Music Artist

Candace Mycale, 39, is recognized the most for her name on stage, Mickey Guyton. She is a well-known four-timer nominee for the best solo country music artist of the Recording Academy’s Grammy Award.

In general, Mickey Guyton was the first black solo country music performer to be nominated for the prestigious annual recognition for the music industry.

The music artist became widely known after her solo track, Black Like Me, became a trend during an anti-racism awareness, Black Lives Matter protest in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

The Grammy’s first black female country music soloist derived from a religious family, where she discovered her talent in singing as she served in a church choir in the Southern Baptist Church.

Mainly, this report will tackle Mickey Guyton’s parents, Phyllis Ann Roddy and Michael Eugene Guyton, including their marriage, career, and relationship with their singer daughter.

It also contains information about the country music artist’s siblings.

Mickey Guyton’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Mickey Guyton with her Parents
Mickey Guyton with her Parents

Michael Eugene and Phyllis Ann crossed their paths and decided to become lifetime partners in the 1970s. The couple relocated to Texas with their children due to Mickey’s father’s job.

Although they were busy relocating from one place to another, Mickey’s parents maintained to serve actively in the Southern Baptist Church.

Candace Mycale revealed her parents are fond of listening to gospel artists, such as Yolanda Adams and BeBe & CeCe Winans.

Phyllis and Michael are still married for almost five decades and currently enjoying their lives as partners, parents, and grandparents.

Mickey Guyton’s Father, Michael Eugene Guyton’s Biography

Michael Eugene is professionally known as an engineer. His family, including Mickey, had the opportunity to travel throughout Texas because they relocated due to his career.

The father of the country music artist is an active deacon in the Southern Baptist Church along with the rest of their family.

Mickey Guyton’s father rarely made his appearance in public because they tended to maintain their private peaceful life.

During the TODAY plaza concert in September 2021, Michael attended as an audience, and he was called out by her singer child while performing on stage.

Mr. Guyton isn’t active on his social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Mickey Guyton’s Mother, Phyllis Ann Roddy’s Biography

Phyllis Ann is well-known for being active in the Southern Baptist Church as a Deaconess.

She raised her four children through influencing inside the church as they spent most of their time on Bible study and singing as one of a church choir.

Mickey’s mother isn’t also into grabbing the media’s attention. Like her husband, Phyllis has been inactive on her Instagram account since her last post in December 2021.

Mickey Guyton’s Siblings

Mickey is the second child among her three siblings. Her brother, Byron Guyton, is currently in his fatherhood while working as a professional photographer.

He established his studio, Vision One Seven, and includes his portfolio on its official website.

Also, the four-time Grammy nominee reportedly has two sisters. Unfortunately, their identities remain in the Guyton family.

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