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Mike Evans Parents: Heather Kilgore, Mickey Evans, Siblings

Image of Mike Evans

Mike Evans, also known as Michael Lynn Evans III, is an American Football wide receiver for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in National Football League.

On August 21, 1993, the football superstar was born in Galveston, Texas, United States.

Evans is already 28 years old and has played the sport since high school.

He was immersed in sports like basketball football and even ran track during his teenage years.

But according to Evans, he played football more during his senior year.

He is the eldest among two children of Heath Kilgore and Mickey Evans.

To know more details about Mike Evans’ parents’ biography, career, and love life, continue to read the article below.

Mike Evans’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Mike Evans
Mike Evans, or Michael Lynn Evans III, is an American football wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League.

Even though Mike Evans is now a successful football player in the States, Evans was not blessed to have excellent family support.

His childhood was traumatizing for a kid, and it was tough for him to tell in interviews that his family background had reports of violence and murder.

According to the star, his father, Mickey Evans, was an abusive father, and he constantly physically abused his mother, Heather.

The marriage was rough, and his parents were only teenagers when they had Mike. Heather’s brother, Sam, murdered Mickey out of anger towards how he treated his sister.

The details about the murder are brutal, and there was a gunshot leading to Mike’s uncle’s imprisonment.

It was hard for the football superstar to endure his past.

Still, he used his past as his goal to protect others through his company called Mike Evans Family Foundation, which grants scholarships to underprivileged children and protects women from domestic abuse.

Mike Evans’ mother: Heather Kilgore

Mike Evans’s mother is Heather Kilgore. At only 14, the mother of two was already a young mother to Mike.

Her relationship with her husband, Mickey, was pretty toxic and traumatizing to her.

Leather experienced violence and abuse of different kinds.

Mike knew this even as a child, and according to him, it was hard to witness his father’s attitude towards the family.

Heather Kilgore’s brother, Sam, knew about his sister’s difficulty with Mickey. Out of anger and their protective nature of Sam, he killed his brother-in-law.

The court trialed him with 38 years in prison for murder. Personal details like birth date, career, and early life of Heather are not identified.

Mike Evans’ father: Mickey Evans

There is little to no information that reporters can gather about Mike Evan’s father.

However, Mickey Evans was known for being an abusive husband toward Heather, and he died because of murder by his wife’s brother, Sam.

Further details about Mickey Evans are not known.

Mike Evans’ siblings

Mike Evans has a half-sister who remains anonymous to the public, but he has a biological brother much younger than the footballer. Terran Petteway is now a professional basketball player for Dinamo Sassari in the Italian League.

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