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Mykal-Michelle Harris Parents: Kimberly J. Harris and Greg Harris, Siblings

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Facts about Mykal Michelle Harris, parents and siblings

Mykal-Michelle Harris is a Hollywood young star, TV personality, and Facebook star. She was born on the 6th day of May 2012 in New Jersey and resided in Santa Clarita, California, with her whole family. On the 3rd day of September 2015, Mykal-Michelle’s video on Facebook went viral with 1.4 million viewers. It is later broadcasted on CNN and Good Morning America.

In the following few years, her trending video led her to appear in ‘A Kid Called Mayonnaise’ in 2017, ‘Big Little Lies’ in 2017, ‘Mixed-ish’ in 2019, and several indie films for film festivals. Mykal-Michelle will have an upcoming Disney film, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen,’ that will premier on Disney+ on the 18th day of March 2022.

However, this article is more about Mykal-Michelle Harris’ parents, Kimberly and Greg Harris, including her siblings.

Mykal-Michelle Harris Parents Love Life

According to the reports, Mykal-Michelle’s father, Greg, had his previous marriage with two children. Kimberly and Greg celebrate their wedding anniversary every 30th day of June.

As for the union, the young star’s parents are still together and support their daughter’s early career in the entertainment industry.

Mykal-Michelle Harris Father, Greg Harris Bio

Greg Harris works as a senior sales executive on a software company, Dassault Systèmes. He graduated from Overbook Regional Senior High School in 1989 and studied Industrial and Management Systems Engineer at Rowan University in 1994. He has always supported Mykal-Michelle’s early career by posting about her on his Facebook account.

Mykal Michelle Harris with her parents
Mykal Michelle Harris with her parents, Greg Harris and Kimberly J. Harris

Mykal-Michelle Harris Mother, Kimberly J. Harris Bio 

Kimberly J. Harris is a full-time mom to Mykal-Michelle. She was the one who uploaded her daughter’s video that went viral on Facebook. Mykal-Michelle’s fans can easily access some updates about her because her mom, Kimberly, usually posts updates on her account on Facebook and often tag her mother and husband, Greg.

She is also handling her daughter’s career as the business accounts provided on her account.

Mykal Michelle with her mother,
Mykal Michelle with her mother, Kimberly J. Harris

Mykal-Michelle Harris Siblings

Greg Harris has two children from his marriage before Kimberly. However, their details haven’t been revealed to the public yet. However, according to their Facebook accounts, Julian is the young star’s older brother. They celebrate his birthday every 26th of June.

Then, Evan Harris is the eldest child. He went to Notre Dame High school. It appears that Mykal-Michelle Harris is the youngest member of her family.

Mykal Michelle Harris Sibling Parents
Mykal Michelle Harris with her brother and parents

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