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Naomi Scott Parents: Chris Scott, Usha Scott, Siblings.

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Image of Naomi Scott an English Actress

Naomi Scott is an English actress popularly known for portraying Princess Jasmine in the live-action Aladdin. Moreover, she’s been in the industry since 2010 and has already risen to the top!

She is an all-around actress, from playing the Pink Ranger to being Charlie’s Angel.

Moreover, Naomi is one of the most chased after in the acting industry. But of course, all her hard work is credited to her family.

And so read about her siblings and parents’ Usha Scott and Chris Scott, on this page.

Naomi Scott’s Parents Love Life, Marriage

As Scott’s fame rises, so does the curiosity of her fans. Thus, the media would like to know more about her family, specifically her parents.

However, when it comes to her family’s private life, she guards it well.

Thus, neither details of her parents’ love life nor marriage are accessible to the public.

All we know is that Chris and Usha grew up as Christians. Moreover, they’re still married until the present day. Further, the couple has two kids together.

Naomi Scott’s Father Chris Scott’s biography¬†

Image of Naomi Scott an English Actress

Naomi Scott, an English Actress

As mentioned earlier, the Lemonade Mouth star’s father is secretive about his information. Thus, we only have his name and no other details.

Christopher Scott was born in the United Kingdom. His parents’ and siblings’ backgrounds are under wraps. Additionally, his educational attainment is also a secret.

Moreover, according to a few sources, he is currently a pastor. Thus working for more than ten years at Bridge Church in London. In addition, he raised his children with Christian values.

So far, these are all the available details we’ve managed to source.

Naomi Scott’s Mother, Usha Scott’s biography

Image of the English Actress and Singer Naomi Scott

English Actress and Singer Naomi Scott

In Uganda, the actress’s mom, Usha Joshi, was born. Unfortunately, her birthdate is unavailable. Furthermore, information on education and family is hard to find online.

However, we know that she moved to the United Kingdom when she was a small girl. Therefore, she identified herself more as English by nationality.

Additionally, she works as a pastor in their church with her lifetime partner. Other than what’s written here, Usha’s details are not available.

Naomi Scott’s Siblings.

The Charlie’s Angels actress has a brother. However, it’s not sure whether he’s older or younger than her. But, Joshua Scott came to be on May 25.

Moreover, he is the only sibling of Naomi. Additionally, the brother-sister shares a loving sibling bond.

Naomi Scott’s Wikipedia – info¬†

Full Name Naomi Grace Scott
Birthdate May 6, 1993
Age (2022) 28 years old
Birthplace Hounslow, United Kingdom
Profession Actress, Singer, and Missionary

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