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Nico Ali Walsh Parents: Rasheda Ali, Bob Walsh, Siblings

Image of Nico Ali Walsh

Nico Ali Walsh, a rising star in professional boxing, made his debut in August 2021. He is known to be the grandson of legendary boxer and pop figure Muhammad Ali. It also seems as though he also got his grandfather’s genes and athleticism when fighting in the ring. However, aside from his famous grandfather, two people also formed the now emerging athlete. His parents are Rasheda Ali and Bob Walsh.

To know more about the siblings of Nico Ali Walsh, his parents’ love life, and their biography, read the article below.

Nico Ali Walsh Parents’ Love Life

Image of Nico Ali Walsh's parents, Rasheda Ali and Bob Walsh
Nico Ali Walsh’s parents, Rasheda Ali and Bob Walsh

The boxer was born on July 11, 2000, just a few years after his parents had wedded. Rasheda and Bob met in June 1997, and they instantly clicked. After knowing each other for quite some time, the two have immediately tied the knot.

Although not much is known about the intricacies of their marriage, it is known that only for quite some time, the couple decides to get married. Nico Ali and his brother Biaggio Ali Walsh were born three years later.

Nico Ali Father Bob Walsh Bio


His father, Robert “Bob Walsh, was hardworking, working in several establishments before meeting Rasheda. Rosebud’s Steak and Seafood House and Jilly’s Steakhouse are just some of the places Bob had cooked before meeting his wife.

Although he did not explicitly say that he is a great chef, you’ll know that this man has great skill in producing food after serving as an executive chef in several restaurants before.

Nico Ali Walsh Mother Rasheda Ali Bio

Image of Nico Ali Walsh with his mother, Rasheda Ali
Nico Ali Walsh with his mother, Rasheda Ali

The boxer’s mother, Rasheda Ali, has quite a history. Being the daughter of the most celebrated athlete in modern history, often nicknamed The Greatest, or rather, The GOAT, Muhammad Ali cemented his family’s name into the greats and one of the most recognized surnames in history.

However, aside from his father’s legendary status, Nico’s mother also built herself quite a reputation by being an author, a public speaker, and an active Parkinson’s advocate. It is well known that Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a brain disorder often categorized with difficulty in walking, stiffness, shaking, weak balance, and coordination.

Sadly, the boxer died due to Parkinson-related complications when he was 74 years old. This prompted his daughter to be vocal about the disease and write the book “I’ll Hold Your Hand So You Won’t Fall: A Child’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease.”


Image of Nico Ali Walsh with his family
Nico Ali Walsh with his family

Aside from Nico Ali, the couple also gave birth to another boy named Biaggio Ali Walsh.

He plays football and is an active athlete in his school.

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