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Nikolas Ajagu Parents: Dr. Chris Ajagu, Siblings.

Image of Nikolas Ajagu

Nikolas Ajagu s a public figure famous for being Meena Harris’ husband. Moreover, he has a tech profession and graduated from Princeton University. Furthermore, people are curious what Nikolas Ajagu’s ethnic roots and parents.

Are you curious about Nikolas Ajagu’s mother and his father, Dr. Chris Ajagu? Read this write-up for more detail about them and Nikolas’ siblings.

Nikolas Ajagu’s Parents’ Love Life.

Image of Nikolas Ajagu
Nikolas Ajagu is an American celebrity spouse.

Nikolas Ajagu was born to his mother, whose unknown. Furthermore, he was also born to Dr. Chris Ajagu.

Unfortunately, further information about how his parents met is unavailable. Additionally, Nikolas has not shared anything about his parents. Moreover, the public figure is careful about the details he spills about his family.

Nikolas Ajagu’s Father, Dr. Chris Ajagu

The star’s father is Dr. Chris Ajagu. Moreover, he is from Nigeria, specifically in Nimo in Anambra state.

Unfortunately, his personal information is unknown. There are no available records of when he was born and where he is from.

Moreover, it seems like Nikolas plans to keep his family’s information private.

Nikolas Ajagu’s Mother

The identity of Nikolas’ mother is unknown. Moreover, she and her husband, Dr. Chris Ajagu, raised Nikolas in Nigeria.

Upon further research, it also seems that Nikolas has little to know social media accounts. In addition, there are no posts available wherein he could post photos of his parents.

Nikolas Ajagu’s Siblings

Despite trying to find information about Nikolas’ family, it is unknown whether or not he has siblings. Furthermore, there are no available posts about Nikola talking or mentioning his siblings.

Moreover, Meena Harris’ husband plans to keep his family away from the public eye.

Nikolas Ajagu’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Nikolas Ajagu

Date of Birth

January 12, 1984


Tech Professional

Age (2022)

38 years old


Mother Unknown, Dr. Chris Ajagu



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