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Nipsey Hussle Parents: Dawit Asghedom, Angelique Smith, Siblings

Image of Nipsey Hussle

Famed American rapper Airmies Joseph Asghedom, most commonly known by his stage name Nipsey Hussle, was an icon hailing from the West Coast hip hop scene.

He became famous around the rap industry through the numerous mixtapes that won him several awards and accolades along the way.

In 2019, he was also nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Grammy Awards.

Aside from his career as a musician, Nipsey is also an entrepreneur, launching his apparel store as Marathon Clothing.

Sadly, the rapper’s promising career was cut short after being fatally shot outside his apparel store in the South of Los Angeles.

To know more about the beautiful life of Dawit Asghedom, Angelique Smith, and Nipsey’s siblings, read the article below.

Nipsey Hussle’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Nipsey Hussle's parents during his memorial
Nipsey Hussle’s parents during his memorial

The rapper’s parents’ love life is relatively unknown to the public. Nipsey and his siblings have also not revealed where and how their parents met in the first place.

However, it can be said that their love life shared a sweet, bitter story, considering that the couple had produced not only one but three children.

Unfortunately, they got divorced in the ‘80s and raised their kids separately.

We will update this article as soon as more information about their love life becomes available.

Nipsey Hussle’s Father Dawit Asghedom Biography

Nipsey’s father, Dawit Asghedom, was a warrior, and it is said that he was able to find a better life after escaping the war in his country of Eritrea.

A country situated within Yemen and Sudan’s borders, Dawit has seen the Eritrean war that succumbed to his beloved country.

This crisis forced him to go and seek greener pastures in the United States of America.

He is also a believer and a faith practitioner, believing that his son Nipsey was a gift from the heavens.

Ordained by the Almighty Father to speak and spread the message of God to the world.

We can also note that the rapper’s first name Armies was derived from their local language, which means “God will rise.”

Nipsey Hussle’s Mother, Angelique Smith Biography

Image of Nipsey Hussle and his mother, Angelique Smith
Nipsey Hussle and his mother, Angelique Smith

Angelique Smith is of African American descent. Although nothing much is known about her personal life, let alone her work and profession.

However, it is said that she is currently a single mother having her jobs unknown to the public.

She also got heartbroken after her husband decided to file a divorce in the late 80s.

Nipsey Hussle’s Siblings

Despite the bitter ending that the artist’s parents have endured, they can still bear the fruit of three children.

Aside from Nipsey, he also has two other siblings, Samiel Asghedom and Samantha Asghedom.

There is not much data available regarding Nipsey’s siblings, but we will update this article as soon as more information becomes open to the public.

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