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Nyjah Huston Parents: Kelle Huston, Adeyemi Huston, Siblings

Image of Nyjah Huston

The highest-paid skateboarder has determination, as no one has ever seen before. Nyjah Huston started skateboarding before he was even six years old.

He is a skateboard professional who has won five championships, and he is only 27 years old.

Also, Nyjah comes from a skateboarding family who was all trained by their father.

So, who are Nyjah Huston’s parents? Read about Kelle Huston and Adeyemi Huston here.

Nyjah Huston’s Parents’ Love Story

Image of Nyjah Huston with his family

Nyjah Huston with his family

Adeyemi and Kelle have known each other since they were young.

Also, they started dating in the sixth grade. But Kelle’s parents did not like the idea and made Kelle stop seeing Adeyemi.

This ban did not stop them because they began to date again in their last year of high school. They married soon after.

They raised their family isolated from society, But when the children decided they wanted to be their people, Adeyemi was very against the idea.

Nyjah’s father did not want them to assimilate into the world, but his mom knew better. Kelle chose the happiness of her children and left their father.

They were in Puerto Rico, so Kelle left with three of the children except for Nyjah. Kelle returned to America and Divorced Adeyemi. Later, she won custody of Nyjah.

Nyjah Huston’s Father, Adeyemi Huston

Image of Nyjah Huston with his father, Adeyemi Huston

Nyjah Huston with his father, Adeyemi Huston

Like his son, Adeyemi Huston was also a skateboarder and influenced his children.

He is why Nyjah skates today because his father would teach him when Nyjah was young.

Yet, Adeyemi was very controlling and strict. Nyjah had to skate every day because Adeyemi would pressure him.

Moreover, Adeyemi has Japanese and African American ancestry. Yet, he was raised in America and met Nyjah’s mother there.

Also, he follows Rastafarian, which is a Jamaican religion. He is very strict about his faith and raised Nyjah and the family believing it.

Nyjah Huston’s Mother, Kelle Huston

Image of Nyjah Huston with his mother, Kelle Huston

Nyjah Huston with his mother, Kelle Huston

Nyjah’s mother, Kelle, grew up with an average lifestyle. Her family went to country clubs and lived easy, but she calls herself the black sheep.

So, when she married Adeyemi, they had a different lifestyle which she describes as a “mini cult” because they separated themselves from society.

So, they lived independently, and Kelle decided to homeschool Nyjah and his four siblings.

Also, they lived on a farm and practiced a vegan lifestyle. On the farm, they planted and harvested fruits and helped their father.

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