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Omarion Parents: Trent Grandberry, Leslie Burrell, Siblings

Image of Omarion

If you were born during the early 2000s, you know these artists that we will talk about. His birth name is Omari Ishmael Grandberry is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor. He also goes by his nickname Omarion which he uses for his musical pieces.

He gained prominence and fame during the debut of the famous R&B boy band B2K.

Omarion is one of the group members and is even the lead singer and frontman.

Unfortunately, after five years of performing together, the group went their separate ways.

But before that happens, do you want several awards on different award shows.

One of their most notable owners came from the Grammys after being nominated for Best Contemporary RnB Album in 2005.

But good news has struck the fans of B2K as they have gathered together again last 2018 and are continuing to perform as a group ever since.

Are you curious about the parents of B2K frontman and lead singer Omarion? Does he have any other siblings?

Learn more about his personal life and family by reading the article below.

Omarion ‘s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Omarion
Omarion is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer.

Omarion’s name was prominent from 2002 to 2005; however, he has not been very vocal about his parents’ love life.

He has not shared any intricate details regarding his parents’ personal love story until today.

The former couple met at a very young age and had their first son at 16.

There is little information about them, but unfortunately, it’s not a piece of good news.

It is known that the couple separated due to unspoken and unknown reasons.

But it is believed that the separation was a mutual decision between Leslie and Trent.

Omarion’s Father Trent Grandberry Biography

Omarion had several father figures in his life, but his biological father is Trent Grandberry.

It is believed that he is now in his 50s and is enjoying quite a peaceful life.

Information about his personal life and background is quite limited; however, it is known that he came from an African American family.

Omarion’s Mother, Leslie Burrell Biography

Image of Omarion with his mother, Leslie Burrell
Omarion with his mother, Leslie Burrell


The R&B singer owes his success to his mother, Leslie. Despite the mutual decision to separate the former partners, Leslie was able to raise a significant family on her own.

She is currently in her 50s and enjoys the success and the fruits of her labor.

She can also be seen in different interviews with his son and is quite active on social media through her Instagram and Twitter.

Omarion’s Siblings

The artist was born in a vast family, and he has several siblings. He is one of the seven children that their respective parents had. His other siblings are O’Ryan, Ukil, Arielle, Tymon, Kira, and Amira Grandberry.

Being the eldest child, he is a great example to his siblings of career and musicality.

His younger brother O’Ryan also pursued the music industry. O’Ryan released his old album in 2004, which targets the teen pop audience.

Omarion’s other siblings are keeping a private life, and we will surely update this write-up if they share their information with the public.

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