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Patrick Starrr Parents: Arnulfo Simondac, Lenee Simondac, Siblings

Patrick Simondac is a famous Filipino-American beauty and make-up artist named Patrick Starrr. He was born on the 11th of November 1989 in Orlando, Florida.

He went to high school at Timber Creek High School, where he graduated and pursued nursing in college. The star later gained interest and passion in make-up and beauty.

He openly speaks about his sexuality, where he identifies himself as gay. He has worked in various make-up industries, such as MAC Cosmetics in 2011.

Other than that, Patrick has done numerous make-up collaborations on his YouTube channel with celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian West, Maddie Ziegler, Rihanna, Manny Mua, Christen Dominique, and many others.

He has a considerable social influence with over 4 million followers and subscribers on Instagram and YouTube.

Patrick has also won awards for the Beauty category at the Streamy Awards. He also has his vegan make-up line, ONE/SIZE. He is currently dating Roni Herrera.

Patrick Starrr’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Patrick Starrr's parents, Lenee Simondac and Arnulfo Simondac
Patrick Starrr’s parents, Lenee Simondac and Arnulfo Simondac

Not much information has been availed to the public regarding the love life of Lenee and Arnulfo.

However, it is alleged that they met in the Philippines, dated for a while and have been married for more than three decades with three sons.

The family migrated from Philippines to the United States of America before Patrick was born.

Patrick Starrr Mother’s Lenee Simondac Biography

Image of Patrick Starrr's mother, Lenee Simondac and their family
Patrick Starrr’s mother, Lenee Simondac and their family

Lenee Simondac is a professional licensed nurse and commonly known as Mama Starrr or the mother to beauty expert Patrick Starrr.

She is an immigrant from the Philippines and has an American nationality.

Not much is known about her birth date. Regarding her occupation, she works as a nurse at eviCore Healthcare. Lenee got married to Arnulfo and they had three sons together.

Patrick would always say that his mother always wanted him to become a nurse and there he was torn apart on whether he would follow his own dream or fulfil his mother’s wishes.

He eventually ended up diverting from the nursing industry to becoming a business mogul for his own make-up line.

Despite her uncertainty in Patrick’s career choice, Leneestill supportsf her son and congratulates him for all his successes.

Patrick Starrr Father’s Arnulfo Simondac Biography

Image of Patrick Starrr's father, Arnulfo Simondac
Patrick Starrr’s father, Arnulfo Simondac

Arnulfo Simondac is an entrepreneur and famously known as Papa Starrr or Patrick Starrr’s father. He is similarly an immigrant from the Philippines.

His birth information has not been revealed to the public.

Regarding his occupation, he also worked as a real estate broker.

Arnulfo used to get annoyed with Patrick who was always buying expensive make-up products instead of focusing with his studies.

This made Patrick look forward to completing his degree so that he would not get into an argument with his parents.

Arnulfo is married to the love of his life, Lenee, and they have three kids together whom they love dearly and always strive to support them in their choices in life.

Patrick Starrr’s Siblings


The star was raised alongside two other siblings, his brothers Paul and Peter Simondac.

Both of his brothers are gay, and Peter is an Instagram and YouTube social media personality similar to Patrick.

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