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Paula Patton Parents: Joyce Vanraden and Charles Patton, and Siblings

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Paula Patton’s Parents, Joyce Vanraden and Charles Patton, and Siblings

The American actress and producer Paula Maxine Patton is a native of Los Angeles and was born on the 5th day of December 1975. She enhanced her acting skill by attending Hamilton Magnet Arts High School and a summer film program at the University of Southern California.

Through the summer program, she received an opportunity to work on a 3-month assignment on filming documentaries for an American public broadcasting and television program distributor, PBS.

In 2005, Paula Patton had her debut in the entertainment industry by appearing in a comedy film, Hitch. Furthermore, she made her appearances in several TV shows and movies, including a thriller series ‘Sacrifice’ in 2021, a Sci-Fi drama series ‘Somewhere Between’ in 2017, a film and TV series based on a video game ‘Warcraft’ in 2016, and HBO’s romantic comedy movie ‘Baggage Claim’ in 2013.

This article will dive into some details regarding Paula Patton’s parents, Joyce and Charles Patton, and her siblings, if there are any.

Paula Patton’s Parents Love Life

Paula Patton is very active in her social media account, particularly Instagram. She often shares old pictures from her childhood and reminisces on the past. Still, the actress doesn’t disclose any information about the beginning of her parent’s romantic relationship.

Therefore, Paula’s parents were great lovers and parents. Joyce and Charles Patton witnessed how Paula thrived on her acting career and supported her ever since. Their relationship lasted until the American actress’s father’s last living day, Charles Patton.

Paula Patton’s Father, Charles Patton Bio

Charles Patton was an African-American lawyer and public defender. The father of the actress/producer passed away on the 5th day of May 2020. Paula Patton isn’t afraid to admit that she is a daddy’s girl. She couldn’t resist mourning her father’s death on her social media accounts.

However, Paula uses her father as an inspiration for her everyday life.

Paula Patton's father, Charles Patton

Paula Patton’s Mother, Joyce Vanraden Patton Bio

Joyce Vanraden Patton is a former Highschool teacher. Like Paula, her mother also appreciates good films. There is not much information about her in public.

However, Joyce has been seen by the paparazzi with her actress daughter. During Paula’s son Julian’s soccer match in 2016, Joyce attended with Paula and reunited with the actress’s ex-husband. The mother and daughter have seen in public together several times.

Paula Patton with her mother, Joyce Vanraden Patton
Paula Patton with her mother, Joyce Vanraden Patton


Joyce Vanraden and Charles Patton have no child other than Paula Patton. The actress enjoyed living in her childhood as an only child. She received whole love and support from her parents.

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