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Post Malone Parents: Nicole Frazier Lake, Rich Post, Siblings

Image of Post Malone an American Rapper

Austin Richard, 27, is recognized the most by people for his screen name, Post Malone. He is a music artist who can blend various music genres, including hip hop, R&B, and trap.

Post Malone is a product of self-taught as he learns and practices playing instruments with the help of tutorial videos on Youtube.

According to the music artist, he earned his interest in playing guitar from a music game, Guitar Hero.

Through his devotion to music, Austin Post quitted college to pursue his music career when he moved to L.A. His great decision led him to associate with several music producers in the area and become part of ‘BLCKVBD.’

As of 2022, Post Malone has been credited for 19 soundtracks for filmographies, including ‘Sunflower’ from an animated series ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.’

As for this article’s content, it will prominently discuss Post Malone’s parents, Nicole Frazier Lake, and Rich Post, including their career and current relationship.

It also includes a piece of information about the music artist’s siblings.

Post Malone’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Post Malone with his Parents
Post Malone with his Parents

Nicole Lake and Rich Post met and married in the early 1990s when they also had their star child, Post Malone. However, Austin’s parents’ marriage lasted for less than a decade due to unknown reasons.

After separation, Rich Post married Jodie Post and started to live together when Post Malone was 9.

According to several reports, the music artist’s father and stepmother met when they were workmates at an industrial laundry service, Atlas Health Care Linen Services, located in Syracuse.

Post Malone’s Father, Rich Post Biography

Rich Post is one of the founding members of their family’s clothing business, Trading Post Apparel. Before landing their successful business, Post Malone’s father was a concessions manager for one of the Dallas Cowboys’ NFL teams.

Rich raised Austin with the help of his wife, Jodie. Technically, the music artist considers his stepmother as his own.

Moreover, Rich introduced and influenced his music artist son to the world of music using his knowledge and experience working as a DJ.

Post Malone’s Mother, Nicole Frazier Lake Biography

Nicole Frazier Lake is most recognized for being Post Malone’s mother. She used to live with his young son after her separation from her ex-husband, Rich.

Then, she decided to trust Austin with his father and let him grow up without her presence. However, Post Malone’s mother’s information is always kept on private because Nicole isn’t fond of grabbing the media’s attention.

According to several reports, she maintains her communication with the music artist to give love and support despite the distance.

Post Malone’s Siblings

During the marriage of Nicole Lake and Rich Post, they only share Austin Post as their child. After cutting their marriage off, Malone’s mother had his younger half-brother, Jordan Lake.

He also had a stepbrother, Mitchell, from his father’s current marriage. Unfortunately, the two brothers of Malone don’t involve themselves in public. Hence, the rapper is very close to his siblings.

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