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Queen Naija Parents: Reeva Bulls, Siblings

Image of Queen Naija

The American Idol star who rose to find her place in the music industry has released some of the best hits of our time. Queen Naija is multitalented as she started vlogging and soon joined American Idol. Now, she is releasing her music that has gone platinum.

Queen Najia is very close to her mom and sees her as her support system. So, who are Queen Naija’s parents? Read about Reeva Bulls and Queen Naija’s father here.

Queen Naija Parent’s Love Story

Image of Queen Naija
Queen Naija, an American singer, and multi-media personality

When Reeva and Queen Naija’s father had their daughter, they were not officially together. Reeva was 25 years old when she had Queen.

Reeva says she admired the father because he was a very kind and beautiful man. But the only reason they were not married was that they had different religions.

When they had Queen Naija, they had different visions for her future.

For example, her father wanted to take Queen to Yemen, but Reeva did not like that. Reeva could not let her firstborn be taken away from her.

Reeva and the father were close friends before they were romantically involved. Also, they worked together at a packaging company.

They would hang out during lunch breaks and after work. Yet, when Reeva got pregnant, she got cold feet and almost had Queen Naija aborted.

She says that she never planned to have children initially. But when the abortion clinic asked for her ID, she could not find it anywhere.

So, Reeva said it was a message from God to keep her baby.

Queen Naija’s Mother Reeva Bulls

Image of Queen Naija with her mother, Reeva Bulls
Image of Naija with her mother, Reeva Bulls

Queen Naija’s mother is Reeva Bulls, also known as Momma Love.

Reeva and Queen Naija are very close, and she even calls her daughter a momma’s girl. Also, Reeva named Queen Naija after her grandmother.

She has a Youtube channel called Momma Love, where she streams and posts videos regularly.

Queen Naija’s Father

Queen Naija’s father has been absent for almost all of her life.

So her father is originally from Yemen and came to the United States.

But he went to the United States without the proper documents.

Then not long after Queen Naija was born, he was discovered as an illegal immigrant.

Queen was only two months old. So, he was deported back to Yemen. He cannot come back to America, so he has never seen his daughter since.

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Queen Naija Bulls


Singer and Songwriter

Date of Birth

October 17, 1995



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