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Rae Dawn Chong Parents: Maxine Sneed, Tommy Chong, Siblings

Image of Rae Dawn Chong

Genie awardee Rae Dawn Chong is famous for starring in Quest of Fire. The Canada-born actress comes from a family of actors. However, she is best known as Tommy Chong’s daughter.

Thus, meet her parents, Maxine Sneed, Tommy, and siblings. Just scroll through this page.

Rae Dawn Chong’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Rae Dawn Chong
Rae Dawn Chong is a Canadian-American actress.

According to sources, the couple was married around the 1960s. But during their marriage, Tommy was involved in an affair.

However, the couple remained married until 1970. Moreover, his affairs were the reason for the split.

Presently, her dad’s second wife is Shelby. Furthermore, the pair married in 1975 in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Maxine remains single.

Rae Dawn’s Father: Tommy Chong biography

Image of Rae Dawn Chong and her father, Tommy Chong
Rae Dawn Chong and her father, Tommy Chong

Thomas Kin Chong is an actor born on the 24th of May, 1984. His parents are Stanley, Chinese, and Lorna Jean, Scottish-Irish. Moreover, he has a brother named Stan.

Before becoming a comedian and actor, he was into music. Thus, he was in a band called Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers.’

He eventually quit and started a comedic duo called Cheech & Chong. However, they parted ways, and Tommy focused on acting. He is most recognizable for playing Leo in That ’70s Show.

Rae Dawn’s Mother: Maxine Sneed biography

According to Rae’s parents’ history, she has three mothers. Her birth mother, Gail Touslon, had an affair with her father.

Meanwhile, Shelby Fiddis is her stepmother.

But the person whom she considers as her mother is Maxine Sneed. Unfortunately, there is little information on her.

Accordingly, she was an editor for Black Radio Magazine. Sadly, she prefers to keep her life private.

Rae Dawn’s Siblings

Image of Rae Dawn Chong and her sister, Robbi Chong
Rae Dawn Chong and her sister, Robbi Chong

The Soul Man actress has five siblings. Her sister Robbi Lynn was born in Vancouver on the 28th of May, 1965.

Moreover, you may recognize her from the show Poltergeist. She is active online @robbichong.

Precious Shelby, her other sister, is also an actress. Moreover, she has starred in films like Pearl Harbor. She usually updates on her Instagram @preciousshelbychong.

Next, we have Paris Thomas. He came to this world on the 8th of September, 1974. Like his sisters, he also does acting.

You can see him updating online @paristchong.

In 1981, Gilbran was born. He has some acting credits as well. But now, he prefers to have a low profile. But you can see glimpses of his life @gnarl_bong_chi.

Lastly, we have their adoptive brother, Marcus. He was born in Seattle on the 8th of July, 1967.

Moreover, like his siblings, he is also an actor. His experience ranged from films, tv shows to broadway.

Rae Dawn’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Rae Dawn Chong


The 28th of February, 1961

Age (2022)

61 years old


Edmonton, Canada



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