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Rege Jean Page Parents: Mother, Father

Image o fRege Jean Page from an Instagram post

Rege Jean is a famous English actor born on the 27th of April in 1988. The 33-ear-old was born in London, England.

He has been featured in many movies and shows, but he gained the most popularity when cast in the film series, The Bridgerton (2019) as Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings.

He has also been featured in Mortal Engines, For the People, and Sylvie’s Love. He has been in a relationship with Emily Brown since September 2021.

Learn more about Rege Jean Page’s parents, their love life, and their children.

Rege Jean Page Parents Love Life

Image of Rege Jean Page from 2019 Billboard
Rege Jean Page from 2019 Billboard

Not much information has been disclosed on the love life of his parents. Although, Rege Jean states that his parents were among the first to have an interracial marriage.

No statement has been released on whether they have separated, so it is safe to conclude that they are still together.

Rege Jean Page Mother Biography

Rege Jean barely speaks too much information on his parents. Therefore, her name is not known, and thus we will refer to her as Mrs. Page. Her original hometown is Zimbabwe.

It is assumed that she comes from Harare, Zimbabwe, since Rege grew up before they moved to London. Regarding her occupation, Mrs. Page was a nurse.

Interestingly, when Rege was joining the university, his mother preferred for him to study a science-related course, but Rege was more passionate about art.

Rege Jean Page Father Biography

Similarly, Rege Jean’s father’s name has not yet been disclosed, nor has his birth date or place. However, it is known that he is a British descendant, assumedly from London, England.

Regarding his occupation, Mr. Page worked as a preacher. Rege’s parents offer support and show love to all their children. The couple is allegedly still together in marriage.

Rege Jean’s Siblings

Rege Jean comes from six, including his parents and three siblings. He is the youngest of his siblings. Not much information has been given on his siblings, although he has a brother joining the film industry to be featured in the movie Dungeons and Dragons.

His brother’s name is Tose Page. Rege reveals that they formed a band with his brother when they were young and made punk songs. His other siblings seem to live their lives away from the internet.

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