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Reggie Miller Parents: Saul Miller, Carrie Miller, Siblings

Image of Reggie Miller

A name that will bring back flashbacks to long-time basketball NBA fans. Considered by many critics one of the greatest basketball players in recent history. Reggie Miller is a former athlete that has played for almost two decades in the NBA.

He is one of the longest and most loyal players that have become a part of the Indiana Pacers. He was also nicknamed the Knick Killer for his outstanding plays against New York Knicks NBA team.

The player has several accolades under his belt: he has one of the most 3-point field goals that have been ever made. He sits alongside players such as Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, and James Harden.

Since he retired from the NBA, he has worked as a sports commentator and analyst on TNT Network and CBS Sports. Are you curious about the parents of veteran basketball player Reggie Miller? Does he have any other siblings?

Learn more about his personal life and family by reading the article below.

Reggie Miller’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Reggie Miller's parents, Saul and Carrie Miller
Reggie Miller’s parents, Saul and Carrie Miller

Reggie’s parents are also kind of athletes, just like their son. They are believed to be both participants in their respective fields of sports.

It’s not known to the public what activities they have done in their past, but it is confirmed that they are also professionals and have been recognized. They both have a very loving relationship with their children and have supported them throughout their lives.

Reggie Miller’s Father Saul Miller Biography

The very supportive father of Reggie. He was present throughout the player’s entire life and has been one of the figures guiding him.

Saul’s athleticism contributed to the talent and physique that the basketball athlete have experienced in his career. He was also a player in his prime and has passed down the ball to his children.

Reggie Miller’s Mother, Carrie Miller Biography

One athlete is enough to influence the entire family; however, the Millers also have their mother as a professional athlete. She has also tributed to the utmost talent that runs in the family.

It is not sure what kind of sports Carrie has played in her teens, but she played them on a high level.

Reggie Miller’s Siblings

Image of Reggie Miller with his sister, Cheryl Miller
Reggie Miller with his sister, Cheryl Miller

The couple’s love blossomed into five children, athleticism running in their veins. Reggie’s siblings are Darryl, Cheryl, Tammy, and Saul Jr.

They live peaceful and quiet lives after years of success in their respective fields.

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