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Riley Gaul Parents: Mother, Father, and Siblings.

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Image of William Riley Gaul

William Riley Gaul was a college football player who shot and murdered his ex-girlfriend, Emma Walker. Moreover, the sources say that he stole his grandfather’s pistol when they swapped cars. Thus, Riley is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Because of the tragic story, many people wanted to know who Riley Gaul’s parents were. So, learn more about his mother and father and if he has any siblings.

Riley Gaul’s Parents Love Life

Image of William Riley Gaul
William Riley Gaul, the murderer of his former cheerleader girlfriend

According to most sources, they do not disclose the names of Riley’s family, probably for safety and security concerns. However, they were likely married in Tennessee, where they live today, and had a close relationship with their grandparents.

Moreover, going back to the incident, Riley’s mother and father never imagined that their son would do something like this.

The victim’s family thought that Riley Gaul was a good person as well. Indeed, when they first met Riley, their initial thoughts were that he was a good-mannered kid and respectful.

Likewise, their relationship seemed like a typical high school sweetheart romance— which later turned sour.

Riley Gaul’s Father

There is not much information on Riley Gaul’s father. However, we guess that he was a native of Tennessee and was a working-class person.

Additionally, he was supportive of his son’s football career and did his best to encourage him. Indeed, Riley was one of his team’s best players.

Riley Gaul’s Mother

Likewise, there is little known about the mother of Riley Gaul. Like her husband, she never thought that her son was capable of something like this.

Indeed, they felt terrible for what happened and were shocked. Many of Emma’s friends saw it coming since her relationship with Riley was toxic.

At the end of Riley’s trial, he claimed that he never intended to kill Emma. He just wanted to scare her.

Moreover, he did his best to apologize to the Walker family and is currently serving a life sentence at Northwest Correctional Complex in Tiptonville.

Riley Gaul’s Siblings

As far as we know, Riley Gaul was an only child and did not have any siblings. Consequently, much of his parents were focused on him since he did not have any brothers or sisters.

Riley Gaul’s Wikipedia – info 

Full NameWilliam Riley Gaul
Date of Birth1997
ProfessionCollege football player
Place of BirthTennessee, US
Age (2022)25


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