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Robin Thede Parents: Dave Thede, Phyllis Thede, Siblings

Image of Robin Thede

An extraordinary individual that has been in the show business industry and has made the African American community proud for years. Robin Thede is a known actress, author, and entertainer. She has appeared in several talk shows and award-winning TV series and films in the past decade.

Since her debut in the industry in 2006, she has cemented her name as a capable and reliable showbiz personality. At 42 years of age, she continues to progress in the industry and is slowly making her way to the top, alongside big names in Hollywood.

She is responsible for the nomination of HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show at the Emmy Awards.

Are you curious about the parents of actress and comedian Robin Thede? Does she have any other siblings? Learn more about her personal life and family by reading the article below.

Robin Thede‘s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Robin Thede's parents, Dave and Phyllis Thede

Robin Thede’s parents, Dave and Phyllis Thede

Born to biracial parents, Robin is proud of her culture and family background. Her parents came from very different locations in Europe and Africa, not to mention their cultural influences in the United States.

Dave and Phyllis’ love story is unknown to us fans end Robin doesn’t hint that she’ll be telling about it anytime soon. However, we know that they have loved each other for so long and have supported their daughter in their ways.

Robin Thede’s Father Dave Thede’s Biography

Dave is quite a particular man. He constantly moved from place to place with his family and has been by their side for years.

Robin’s wit and utter literary intellect may have come from her parents, especially his father. Dave is known to be a teacher for a local institution when he was in his prime.

Maybe that’s why the writer has a very outstanding skill for creating award-winning shows. She may not be very blunt about it, but we all know that she also told her father.

Robin Thede’s Mother, Phyllis Thede’s Biography

Image of Robin Thede with her mother, Phyllis Thede

Robin Thede with her mother, Phyllis Thede

On the other hand, Phyllis attributes her excellent social skills and has passed them down to her daughter. When Phyllis was young, she worked in local community schools and has served as a leader of the board four said academia. She is an outstanding woman in governance and leadership.

She remains doing what she knows best, being a leader and responsible and reliable part of a governing body. She is known to be re-elected as a State Representative of Iowa and is an active member of the legislative body of the said state.

Robin Thede’s Siblings

Image of Robin Thede with her family

Robin Thede with her family

The undying affection of Dave and Phyllis towards each other resulted not only in the birth of Robin but also in two more girls.

The oldest siblings are Acacia Thede, a known HR officer at a local school district. At the same time, the youngest is named Mackenzie Thede, who is a Baker and a Graphic Artist.

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