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Samantha Logan Parents: Colleen Logan, Siblings.

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Image of Samantha Logan

Samantha Logan is an actress who is most famous for her work in 13 Reasons Why and All American. Moreover, you may have seen her for her role in Teen Wolf. Indeed, she has Irish and Trinidad blood from her parents.

Many fans of the hugely popular series 13 Reasons Why are wondering who Samantha Logan’s parents are. So, here is all the information on Coleen Logan, her father, and her siblings for those who don’t know yet.

Samantha Logan’s Parents Love Life

Image of Samantha Logan
Samantha Logan, She is famous for her role in 666 Park Avenue, Nona Clark, All American, and 13 Reason Why.

Colleen Logan married her husband sometime before 1996. However, after Samantha was born, her father left the family. Consequently, there is not much information on the identity of Samantha Logan’s father.

Nevertheless, Colleen Logan had to raise her daughter alone and fully supported her acting career. Indeed, she grew her in Boston, Massachusetts, and helped launch her career into a teenage star.

Samantha Logan’s Father

What we know about Samantha Logan’s father is that he left her and the family when she was very young. Additionally, Samantha does not talk about him publicly or in interviews at the moment, so there is not much information on his identity or his job.

However, perhaps she will reveal more about her early life and childhood in the future.

Samantha Logan’s Mother, Colleen Logan

Who is the mother of Samantha Logan? This refers to Colleen Logan, who raised her daughter as a single mother in Boston, Massachusetts. Since her husband left the picture, she had to bring up Samantha all by herself, but she worked hard and helped her pursue her dreams.

Samantha convinced her mother to relocate from Boston to Manhattan, New York so that she would have better opportunities for her acting career.

Mother Colleen agreed, and now Samantha is a star and an icon in acting, theater, and dance. She has appeared in series and films such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and General Hospital. Indeed, she is very talented, and she would not be where she is now without the help of her mother.

Samantha Logan’s Siblings

According to the sources, Samantha Logan is an only child. Indeed, she is the single daughter of her mother, Colleen. It is unknown if her father had other children after leaving them.

Samantha Logan’s Wikipedia – info

Full NameSamantha Jade Logan
Date of BirthOctober 27, 1996
Place of BirthBoston, Massachusetts
Age (2022)25


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