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Sasha Banks Parents: Reo Varnado, Judith Varnado, Siblings

Image of Sasha Banks

The professional wrestler is currently fighting in the most famous wrestling entertainment under the ring name of Sasha Banks. Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado cemented her reputation as a modern household name for women’s professional wrestling.

She fought with and alongside several performers such as Bayley, Nia Jax, Naomi, and former wrestler Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte Flair. She started her career as an independent wrestler and climbed to the top of the ropes to propel herself towards higher heights.

To know more about Sasha Banks’ Parents, their Biography, and if she has any siblings, kindly read the article below.

Sasha Banks Parents’ Love Life

Image of Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is a professional WWE wrestler and an actress.

Her parents have a sweet biracial relationship. Although information about the current status of her parent’s relationship is not known to the public, it can be said that their undying love resulted in a talented performer and entertainer inside the ring. Looking at the wrestler, she is of a brownish tan, leaning towards the lighter side of being dark.

As of late, we are rigorously searching for new information about the star’s parents and will update the article as soon as further information comes up.

Sasha Banks’ Father Reo Varnado Biography

Sasha prefers to keep her family and personal life a little private. She has not disclosed vital information regarding her parents as of lately. However, one thing is for sure Reo Varnardo is of African-American Descent. The wrestler must have gotten her brownish skin color from her father.

It is not sure whether Reo was also an avid fan of wrestling or was a performer himself. But if he ever decides to enter the ring just like his daughter, no one would question him.

With African genes coursing through his veins, he has a solid physical body. Not to mention that Reo has also quite the height, making it another advantage when he enters the squared arena.

Sasha Banks’ Mother, Judith Varnado Biography

Image of Sasha Banks with her mother, Judith Varnado

Sasha Banks with her mother, Judith Varnado

As per her husband’s info, there is not much information regarding the athlete’s mother, Judith Varnado. But, Sasha sure got her light skin color from her mother. It is confirmed that the entertainer’s mother is of German descent.

Sasha Banks’ Siblings

Image of Sasha Banks with her brother, Joshua Kaestner Varnado

Sasha Banks with her brother, Joshua Kaestner Varnado

Reo and Judith’s love story has also produced another baby in the presence of Sasha’s brother, Joshua Varnado. Unfortunately, the performer and her family have transferred and migrated into different states and counties because of her brother’s condition.

Her brother has autism, and it was difficult for the Varnado family to find an academic institution and a hospital that would adequately cater to her brother’s needs.

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