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Sean Astin Parents: Michael Tell, Patty Duke, Siblings

Image of Sean Astin

You may not know his name, but you’ve seen his face in one of your favorite shows and movies. He has appeared in plenty of TV series and films in the past two decades and has contributed to the show business industry.

Sean Patrick is a known actor-producer and movie director. At 51, he cemented his name as a credible actor.

Some of these appearances include Raphael in the recent installment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bob Newby in Stranger Things, IT specialist in Brooklyn 99, and Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

He is still active in the industry end is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Are you curious about the parents of renowned actor and producer Sean Astin? Does he have any other siblings? Learn more about his personal life and family by reading the article below.

Sean Astin’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Sean Astin
Sean Astin is an American actor, director, and producer.

He came from a family that has experience when it comes to acting. Sean’s mother is a former actress and medical activist.

Several rumors regarding who the actor’s father is surfaced before, but it was settled that Michael Tell is his biological father.

The couple had a very confusing and complex relationship. However, it was not a reason for the star to stop pursuing his dreams.

Sean Astin’s Father John Astin/Michael Tell’s Biography

Image of Sean Astin with his adoptive father, John Astin
Sean Astin with his adoptive father, John Astin

Sean’s biological father was not present when he was growing up. Because of this, there is nothing much reported about his background and current whereabouts.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the end of the producer’s childhood. His adoptive father, John Astin, took care of him, and in return, he took John’s last name as his surname.

Sean Astin’s Mother, Patty Duke’s Biography

Image of Sean Astin with his mother, Patty Duke
Sean Astin with his mother, Patty Duke

The remarkable acting talent that the director has in his career can be attributed to his mother, Patty Duke. She was an award-winning actor having 2 Golden Globe Awards, three Primetime Emmys, an Academy, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Unfortunately, despite her success, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the 80s. Her diagnosis was the reason for her advocacy for helping people with mental disabilities. Sadly, she passed away in March of 2016 at 69 years old.

Sean Astin’s Siblings

Sean is not the only one that took in his parent’s footsteps. Together with his five other brothers, one of which is also an actor, they’ve continued their parents’ legacy in show business.

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