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Sean Paul Parents: Frances, Garth Henriques, Siblings.

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Image of Sean Paul

Sean Paul, the full name Ryan Francis Henriques, is a rapper specifically in the genre of dancehall and is widely considered one of its best artists.

Additionally, he is famous for his singles Get Busy and Baby Boy. Moreover, he is married to Jodi Stewart and has one child with her.

Indeed, fans are curious to know more about who raised this Jamaican superstar. So, get to know Sean Paul’s siblings and parents, Garth and Frances.

Sean Paul’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Sean Paul
Sean Paul, a Jamaican dancehall rapper and singer

It is unknown when Garth and Frances married, but they welcomed their child, Sean Paul, to the world on January 9, 1973, in Jamaica.

Moreover, Sean’s parents have mixed ethnicity, which means he was raised in a multiethnic household.

Additionally, they practiced Catholicism in their household but sent Paul to study in a Jewish private school.

Their family, the Henriques, was respected in Jamaica. Moreover, their family image was built up long before by Paul’s ancestors, and they were also renowned swimmers.

In addition to long-distance swimming, they were also talented in water polo. Nevertheless, they supported Paul’s career in rapping all the way.

Sean Paul’s Father, Garth Henriques

According to the sources, Garth’s family is originally Jewish. Moreover, his family left Spain and then spent some time in Portugal.

Eventually, they moved to Jamaica and became a well-known family there.

According to Paul, Garth’s father joined the Second World War to fight the Nazis in Europe.

However, Garth often got into criminal activities and was sometimes physically abusive. The court sentenced him to six years in prison when Paul was still young.

Sean Paul’s Mother Frances

Frances, the mother of rapper Sean Paul, is a well-known artist in Jamaica. Moreover, she likes to paint using watercolors, and many know her for her work.

But did you know that she is a talented swimmer as well? Indeed, she was a champion in the hundred-meter butterfly swim and played water polo in her youth.

Sean Paul’s Siblings

Paul has one brother, a musician named Jason Jigzagula Henriques.

Moreover, Jason is one of Paul’s most frequent collaborators.

He writes songs together with his brother, and Jason would usually be the first one to hear Paul’s work.

Sean Paul’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques



Date of Birth

January 9, 1973

Place of Birth

Kingston, Jamaica

Age (2022)


Relationship Status



Jodi Stewart


Two children

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