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Serena Williams Parents: Oracene Price, Richard Williams, Siblings

Image of Serena William a Professional Tennis Player

Serena Jameka, 41, is a remarkable single tennis player known as Serena Williams. As she pursued her skills in playing tennis as a single player in the mid-90s, Serena reached the highest peak of single players ranks in the Women’s Tennis Association for 319 weeks in 1998.

In the following year, the top single tennis player gained the title of Grand Slam Singles when she won the 1999 US Open Tennis Championships.

However, Serena took her maternity leave in 2017 as she carried her first child with Reddit’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.

After almost a year, she returned to participate in several tennis matches. In 2020, Williams got her first win after taking a break in ASB Classic held in Auckland, New Zealand.

This article will prominently focus on Serena Williams’s parents, Oracene Price and Richard Williams, particularly their career, educational background, and relationships.

It also includes brief information about the tennis player’s siblings.

Serena Williams’ Parents’ Love Life

Their second marriage was when Oracene and Richard tied knots in the 1980s. However, the union of Serena’s parents lasted for two decades.

Their divorce was filed in 2000, under irreconcilable differences, finalized in 2002.

Oracene Price was devoted to her first husband, Yusef Rasheed. Unfortunately, she was forced to live without him as he passed away due to an unexpected heart stroke in 1979.

Serena’s mother learned to be happy with her children without attempting to have a committed relationship after her two failed marriages.

On the other hand, Richard Williams lived with his first wife, Betty Johnson, from 1965 until he married Serena’s mother.

According to Betty and Richard’s daughter, Sabrina, their father never returned after he told her about buying a bicycle for her. Unknowingly that Richard started a family with Oracene.

After cutting ties with Oracene and living as a divorcee for almost a decade, Richard had his third marriage with a businesswoman and owner of a grocery store, Lakeisha Graham, in 2010.

However, the father of the tennis player had allegations against his third wife for attempting to abandon him and their son and purposely causing harm to his health. The issue led them to divorce in 2017.

Serena Williams’ Father, Richard Williams Biography

Image of Serena Williams with her Father
Serena Williams with her Father

Richard, 80, was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, on Valentine’s day in 1942. He started to gain interest in sports and participated in several matches in school and around their neighborhood early.

When her two daughters, Serena and Venus, had the potential to become national tennis single and duo players, he shared his knowledge with them until he became their tennis coach during their early careers.

Due to their incredible performances contributing to America’s sports history, they had their documentary films: Venus and Serena in 2012 and Raising Tennis Aces: The Williams Story in 2002.

Aside from being a sports expert, Richard is also the author of his memoir, Black and White: The Way I See It, published in May 2014.

Serena’s father is currently working on his book, 24 HOURS HA, published in May next year. In the following year, Richard is also expected to publish another book, 24 HOURS PA.

Serena Williams’ Mother, Oracene Price Biography

Image of Serena William's Mother Orecane Prince
Serena William’s Mother, Orecene Prince

Oracene, 70, was born on the 3rd day of April in her hometown in Saginaw, Michigan. As for her early life, Serena’s mother has been a high school completer from Buena Vista High School since 1970.

She earned her nursing degree from Western Michigan University, which led her to become a registered nurse.

However, her degree did not align with her current career as she became a tennis coach, similar to her ex-husband. Mainly, Price coached her two daughters, Serena and Venus.

Oracene Price established the OWL Foundation, which provides better quality of education and inspiration to unmotivated students.

Also, Serena’s mother claimed that racial discrimination has become common for black Americans as she raised awareness regarding colorism.

Serena Williams’ Siblings

Serena Williams has nine half-siblings: five from her father’s side and three from her mother’s. The eldest child of Richard William from his first marriage with Betty Johnson is named after him, Richard III.

As of 2022, Serena’s eldest half-brother is 57 years old, born in 1965. The following half-siblings are Ronner (56 years old), Relluss (55 years old), Sabrina (in her 50s), and Reneeka (49 years old). In addition, Dylan Williams is the youngest child of Richard Sr. and the only child from his third marriage with Lakeisha.

Sabrina William introduced herself to the public after the premiere of his dad’s biography film, King Richard, in 2021.

She claimed that Richard is only an imaginary king inside his head. Serena’s half-sister also revealed that she only met them once when they bumped into each other in a theme park with their father.

Richard William Sr. promised his child from his first marriage that they would keep in touch, but it only disappointed Sabrina because he never tried reaching them.

The other three half-siblings come from Serena’s mother, and they managed to build sisterly relationships. Yetunde Price, 50, followed their mother’s footsteps in becoming a registered nurse.

Like her mother, her current career doesn’t correlate with her college degree. Yetunde established her beauty salon and became the personal assistant of her athlete sisters, Serena and Venus.

Lyndrea, 44, is mainly working as a web specialist. She associates with her half-sister, Venus, Eleven, on her activewear brand business. Then, Isa is a licensed attorney.

She helped on the production of her step-father’s biography film, King Richard, as an executive producer.

Venus Evony Star, 42, grew up being a big sister to her co-tennis player sister, Serena. Since their father influenced them, Serena and her older sister, Venus, mainly team up as a duo for several tennis matches. Also, Venus continuously became a Grand Slam Singles Champion and had two wins in the US Open Tennis Championships.

Currently, Venus Williams is the founder of her activewear brand, Eleven, where she associates with her half older sister, Lyndrea Price.

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