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​​Shohei Ohtani Parents: Kayoko Ohtani, Toru Ohtani, Siblings

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Image of Shohei Ohtani a japanese professional baseball player

The Los Angeles Angel Shohei Ohtani showed us that he was born for baseball.

Shohei, or so-called “Shotime,” is the only Major League Baseball player in 100 years to start a game as both a pitcher and a home run leader.

Additionally, aside from Shohei, the only person to have done that is Babe Ruth in 1921.

Furthermore, Shohei is the first two-way player in Major League Baseball history.

A two-way player can play both offense and defense very well. Also, he recently won the Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award for his game in 2021.

Yet, despite his star-studded present, he came from humble roots. Shohei grew up in Japan, playing in high school baseball tournaments.

Also, his parents were aspiring athletes when they were young too. Read about his parents Kayoko Ohtani and Toru Ohtani here.

​​Shohei Ohtani’s Mother Kayoko Ohtani

Image of Shohei Ohtani a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels

Shohei Ohtani a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels

Like her son Shohei, Kayoko Ohtani was also an athlete in her youth. Kayoko played badminton on the national level when she was in high school.

Now, she no longer plays badminton competitively. But. she focuses on her business.

But Shohei is very humble, showing how he spends his money. Shohei says in an interview that he lets his mother and father take care of his earnings from playing baseball.

This includes his $3 million salaries from playing on the Los Angeles Angels team.

Yet, despite his wealth, his mother still puts a thousand dollars into his bank account every month for Shohei.

​​Shohei Ohtani’s Father Toru Ohtani

Image of Shohei Ohtani a designated Hitter for the Los Angeles Angels

Ohtani a designated Hitter for the Los Angeles Angels

Shohei’s father, Toru, encouraged him to play baseball. Toru himself was a baseball player in his day.

He played amateur baseball for the Japanese Industrial League, but now Toru works at an automobile manufacturing company.

Additionally, Toru is the one who coached Shohei back when he was very young.

Toru knew from then that Shohei showed potential in baseball. Moreover, even his coach, Sasaki, said that Toru taught Shohei how to use his body well in a game.

Toru says that he wasn’t tough on his children while raising them.

But Toru taught them compassion and kindness. Moreover, Toru is very proud of his son’s achievements.

​​Shohei Ohtani’s Siblings

Shohei Ohtani has two older siblings. Shohei has a sister named Yuka Ohtani, who is 30 years old.

He also has a brother named Ryuta Otani, who is 33 years old. Ryuta is also a baseball player who plays left-wing.

​​Shohei Ohtani’s Wikipedia – info 

Name Shohei Ohtani
Ethnicity Japanese
Occupation Major League Baseball Player
Age 27
Date of Birth July 5, 1994

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