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Smokey Robinson Parents: William Robinson, Flossie Robinson, Siblings

Image of Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson is a name that many rock heads and RnB lovers would be familiar with. He is an icon in the genre and has produced and created some of the most remarkable pieces of music in history. He was responsible for creating the famous Motown vocal group The Miracles.

After several years, the artist decided to leave the group and step down as its president. But fans will soon encourage the musician to come back to the industry, and he also found success on his solo ventures.

Who are the parents of Smokey? Do the singer and songwriter have any siblings? Please read the article below to know more about his family’s personal lives.

Smokey Robinson’s Parents’ Love Life

Smokey Robinson is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and former record executive director.

The artist was born in Detroit in Michigan, United States. He is the son of William and Flossie Robinson. It is not sure how the couple met each other and began their love story, but they sure loved each other wholeheartedly in the years they were married.

That love even helped them overcome the most demanding challenges created by their financial instability. However, this marriage won’t last as records state that the couple decided to file a divorce only after a year Smokey was born.

Even though the two have settled to be separated, they still supported their kids in their ways. They gave him the right opportunity to kickstart his passion and love for music with the little they had at that time.

Smokey Robinson’s Father William Robinson Biography

Image of Smokey Robinson with his father, William Robinson
Smokey Robinson with his father, William Robinson

William Robinson Sr. is a hardworking crew of a bowling alley and is of African-American descent. He made do what small income he could get from the place he worked on before. With a relatively little income from the alley, it was evident that the family struggled to aid their kids in their passion, but fortunately, this did not stop the musician’s dream.

Smokey Robinson’s Mother, Flossie Robinson Biography

William was the breadwinner of the Robinson family when Smokey was still a young boy. Her mother tended to their house’s needs and worked as a housewife. She is also of Black-American descent and has a hint of French culture in her veins. She has also partly contributed to the artist’s liking towards music since Smokey became a fan of it through listening to her mother’s records.

Unfortunately, She passed away when the singer was still ten years old. After which, their kids hopped from place to place and were eventually raised through a house with their relatives.

Smokey Robinson’s Siblings

Smokey is just one of the three kids that the couple had in their love story. The songwriter also has two sisters, Rose Ella Jones, and Geraldine Burston. Sadly, Geraldine died on the 30th of September of 1992 at 69. On the other hand, Rose is also a proud writer, co-writing many songs with her brother Smokey.

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