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Stacey Dash Parents: Linda Dash, Dennis Dash, Siblings

Image of Stacey Dash

Stacey Lauretta Dash is a former American talk show host and actress born on the 20th of January 1967 in New York City.

Dash, who is 55, has been cast in various movies and television shows like Mo’ Money, Cold Around the Heart, Ride or Die, Clueless, The Cosby Show, Single Ladies, and Finding Love in Quarantine, to name a few.

She has also been featured in music videos like Christopher William’s Talk to Myself and Rick Ross’ Super High. Stacey has been married four times and has two kids. Currently, she remains divorced.

Stacey Dash’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Stacey Dash
Stacey Dash, an American actress and former talk show host.

Not much information has been given regarding the love life between Linda and Dennis Dash since Stacey does not like to speak much about her family.

However, the two were married before Stacey was born, but their marriage took a turn of events, and they got divorced in 1980 when Stacey was just thirteen years old.

The couple was blessed with two kids, a daughter and a son. After their separation, Linda got married again to Cecil Holmes.

Stacey Dash’s Mother, Linda Dash Biography

Linda Lopez Dash is famously known as the mother to American actress Stacey Dash.

Linda has an American nationality and a mixed ethnic background of Mexican-American. Not much is known about her education. Her birth date has not been revealed to the public.

However, it is known that she was a drug addict, and this affected their children as they grew up.

Linda was married to Dennis, and they had two kids together. Their marriage and family life was complicated, with both parents heavily abusing drugs.

An interesting fact is that on Stacey’s sixteenth birthday, Linda introduced her to her very first batch of drugs.

She got divorced in 1980 and went ahead to marry Cecil Holmes. Her new relationship with him did not last, as they also got divorced in the early 1990s.

Stacey always hated her parents growing up. But eventually, she forgave her mother before she passed away in November 2017 due to drug addiction.

Stacey Dash’s Father, Dennis Dash Biography

Dennis Dash is popularly known as the father of Stacey Dash. Similarly, his birth details are not known, although he has an American nationality and comes from an African-American ethnic background.

Dennis was married to Linda, the love of her life at that time, but their marriage ended in 1980. He, as well as his wife, was also a drug addict, and this behavior was drawn down to their children.

Not much has been said about Dennis by Stacey. Unfortunately, on July 10th, 1990, his son found Dennis dead after struggling with drug addiction.

Stacey Dash’s Siblings

Stacey was brought up with one sibling, her younger brother Darien Dash born in 1972.

Darien was introduced to the music industry by their step-father Cecil Holmes, and he is currently the CEO and founder of DME Interactive.

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