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Steve Harvey Parents: Jesse Harvey, Eloise Vera, Siblings

Image of Steve Harvey

One of the most recognized TV hosts and comedians of the 21st century, Steve Harvey, proved himself to be the man aspiring hosts and entertainers should look on to. He became familiar with hosting the game show Family Feud.

Steve was also allowed to be the emcee of the most prestigious beauty pageant, the Miss Universe. In addition to hosting the event, he also became a favorite because of the infamous Miss Universe 2015 incident where he mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as the winner instead of Miss Philippines.

Want to know the parents of Steve Harvey? Does he have any siblings? Please read the article below to learn more about his family’s personal lives.

Steve Harvey Parents’ Love Life

Image of Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey is an Emmy Award-winning entertainer.

Despite the fame and the glamour that Steve had the chance to receive, he does not share a lot about his parents’ personal lives. However, the couple is believed to have spent many years in Cleveland together with their whole family.

The famed host is known for his exuberant and humorous banters and conversations with guests on his shows. But it is not confirmed whether being naturally funny is inherent in the Harvey family.

We are currently looking into this ordeal and will update the article if more information arises.

Steve Harvey’s Father Jesse Harvey Biography

Jesse Harvey is the father of acclaimed and award-winning TV host Steve Harvey. He was a miner at a local coal site for several years. Unfortunately, Jesse died on the 7th of April 2000 at 86 Years old. Steve and his family did not dabble in the whole situation since it was rumored that he died of natural causes.

Jesse was a man that the entertainer looked up to. He was a great man and a lovely supporter of what he wanted to do. In a speech posted on Steve’s official YouTube channel, he discussed that his father is one of the many reasons he is thriving today. He said that he would always be thankful for having such an outstanding like him.

Steve Harvey’s Mother, Eloise Vera Biography

Image of Steve Harvey's mother, Eloise Vera Harvey
Steve Harvey’s mother, Eloise Vera Harvey

Married to Jesse was his beautiful wife, Eloise Vera Harvey. She was born in 1914, although sources would not have a specific date for her birthday. It is known that she was tending to household chores and is a homemaker. Moreover, at age 83, Eloise passed away because of a stroke. Her devastating death was in 1997, just three years before Jesse died.

Despite that, Steve said that he is also thankful for his mother for supporting him in many ways to achieve his dreams. The host resisted letting tears fall his eyes on a tribute video as he reminisced about her mother’s remarkable life. Even though she is already not with him at that moment, he hopes that he has made her proud.

Steve Harvey’s Siblings

Aside from Steve, the couple also had another son named Terry Harvey. He was born in 1959 and is running his own business in the United States.

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