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Tahlia “FKA Twigs” Debrett Barnett Parents: Bonita Barnett, Siblings

Image of FKA Twigs

Tahlia Debrett Barnett or famously known as FKA Twigs, is an American dancer, actress, and record producer. Aside from that, Tahlia is also a singer and songwriter.

Due to her talent in the music industry, she has won a lot of awards, such as the “YouTube Music Award” in 2019, “NME Award for Best British Solo Act” in 2020, and “MTV Europe Music Award’ in 2019, etc.

In addition to that, Tahlia was born on the 17th day of January 1988. She came of American, Spanish, and Jamaican lineage. As of 2022, she is 34 years old.

She was raised in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, by her mother, Bonita Barnett.

Do you want to know more about FKA Twigs’ family? Just keep reading! This article will talk about Tahlia’s “FKA Twigs” Barnett’s Parents’ love life and biography. This write-up will also tell you if she has any siblings.

FKA Twigs’ Parents’ love life and marriage 

Image of Tahliah Debrett Barnett or FKA Twigs
Tahliah Debrett Barnett (stylized as FKA twigs) is an English singer-songwriter, record producer, video director, and actress.

Information about the early stages of Bonita’s relationship with his ex-husband was hard to come by.

All that we know is that the two have been happily in love with each other before until FKA’s father left her mother, Bonita, along with their daughter. 

Mother of FKA Twigs Biography 

Bonita Barnett, now called Benita as per the sources, is the mother of the famous American singer, dancer, and record producer Tahlia “FKA Twigs” Barnett.

Based on some reports, Bonita used to be a gymnast and salsa dancer before.

She is a very supportive and loving mother to her daughter to the point that she is the one who creates a design for Tahlia’s costumes and outfits whenever she has an event.

Furthermore, Bonita is also a powerful and independent mother. She raised her daughter alone without getting any help from her ex-husband. She came of American and Spanish descent.

Father of FKA Twigs Biography 

Any basic details about the star’s father, like his age, name, birthday, and his current and old profession.

However, according to some reliable sources, her father came from a Jamaican heritage. Aside from that, he also used to be a jazz dancer before.

Furthermore, he never appeared in his daughter’s life ever since Tahlia was born.

Do the famous singer and dancer FKA Twigs have any siblings? 

According to some relevant sources, Tahlia Debrett Barnett is an only child.

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