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Tayshia Adams’ Parents: Rosario Adams, Desmond Adams Sr., Siblings

Image of Tayshia Adams

Tayshia Adams, 32, is a professional Phlebotomist who examines blood for testing, donation, and research purposes. She gained her science degree from Concordia University Irvine.

Aside from her profession, the 32-year-old Phlebotomist is an active volunteer in their hometown church and wine tester along with her family.

In November 2015, Tayshia Adams became a well-known TV star after replacing the former bachelorette, Clare Crawley, in the 16th season of ABC’s reality TV series, The Bachelorette.

The first biracial (in 2020) bachelorette’s reputation increased as she coupled with her fellow bachelor, Zac Clark.

Unfortunately, their romantic relationship ended after a year of engagement due to a harrowing experience in a long-distance relationship. Still, the former TV star couple maintains their communication to continue their “lingering” matters.

Aside from being a phlebotomy technician and reality TV star, Tayshia is also featured in several commercials, including the advertisement for Hyundai Tucson.

The 32-year-old reality TV star recently announced her official partnership with a running shoe brand company, ASICS, as she also celebrates International Women’s Day in March 2022.

That’s all for the brief description of the bachelorette. This article will prominently discuss Tayshia Adams’ parents, Rosario Adams and Desmond Adams Sr., particularly their career background, marriage, and relationship to their TV reality star daughter.

It also includes brief information about her siblings.

Tayshia Adams’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams is an American television personality and television host.

Desmond Adams Sr. and Rosario Adams are recognized the most as Tayshia Adams’ parents. They approximately met and stepped into matrimony during the late-80s.

After decades of their legitimate marriage, Rosario and Desmond Sr. are still happy with their four children as they were a newlywed couple.

Tayshia proudly talks about them in public to pay for their love and support, especially on her social media accounts. When Tayshia started to appear on The Bachelor, her parents teamed up to guide her on deciding to avoid complications in life.

Tayshia Adams’ Father, Desmond Adams Sr. Biography

Desmond Adams Sr. is a proud father of four and is mainly recognized as Tayshia Adam’s father.

The bachelorette inherited her African ethnicity from her father. Based on recent posts on Tayshia Adams’ Instagram account, Desmond Sr. celebrates the day of his birth every 17th day of June.

Before he got a career in a debt settlement firm around their hometown, Desmond Sr. reportedly had a position with Morgan Drexen.

Currently, the celebrity father works in Settle It, an Orange County-based debt settlement firm. According to several sources, his former company went into bankruptcy due to its loss in a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lawsuit against them.

The court stated that the said company had illegally upfronted fees and deceived most of their consumers since the business started.

Tayshia Adams’ Mother, Rosario Adams Biography

Image of Tayshia Adams with her mother, Rosario Adams
Tayshia Adams with her mother, Rosario Adams

According to the 32-year-old reality star, her mother, Rosario Adams, used to have his career during her maiden years.

After delivering their firstborn (Tayshia), Rosario became a full-time mother to properly raise her two sons and two daughters.

In 2021, E! News held a Mother’s Day Special interview, where Rosario Adams participated with her daughter, Tayshia.

After the mother and daughter reminisce moments from the past, the audience is left in tears, where Tayshia was in childhood.

Tayshia Adams’ Siblings

Image of Tayshia Adams with her family
Tayshia Adams with her family

Among the children of Desmond Sr. and Rosario, Tayshia is the eldest child and plays the role of a big sister to his three younger siblings.

The second-born and eldest son was named after their father, Desmond Jr. Based on his older’s sister’s Instagram posts, they used to taste wine together.

As for the third child, Dominique Adams is a naval aviator student of the United State Naval Academy.

His big sister, Tayshia, made clear about her career in an Instagram post in 2019 when she couldn’t join them at a family gathering in a club resort, La Quinta. The reality TV star is also close to her youngest sibling, Brice, still a young teenager.

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