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Tessa Thompson Parents: Macaillah and Marc Anthony Thompson, and Siblings

Tessa Thompson’s Parents, Macaillah and Marc Anthony Thompson

Tessa Lynne Thompson is a Hollywood-based actress and began her career in the entertainment industry through acting in a theatrical play as “Juliet” in William Shakespeare’s poetic drama, Romeo and Juliet, at the Boston Court Theatre. Through her role in the theatre play, Tessa Thompson was nominated for the NAACP Award in the same year.

She had received parts on several TV series and movies, including Cold Case (2003), Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Avengers: End Game (2019), Lady and the Tramp (2019), and Sylvie’s Love (2020).

Tessa Thompson is a native of Los Angeles, California, born on the 3rd day of October 1983, then resides in Brooklyn, New York. Although the Hollywood actress usually sets boundaries between her personal and showbiz life, she loves sharing her family moments on her social media accounts.

This article will dive into the life of Tessa Thompson’s parents, Macaillah and Marc Anthony Thompson, stepmother, and siblings.

Tessa Thompson’s Parents Love Life

Macaillah and Marc Anthony Thompson’s information regarding their marriage are somehow limited. They haven’t disclosed the reason for their separation, but it is accurate that Tessa’s father, Marc, is currently married to Kate Sterlin. By judging the photos that the actress has shared, the Thompson family has a great family relationship despite the separation of Tessa’s parents.

Tessa Thompson’s Father, Marc Anthony Thompson Biography

Marc Anthony Thompson has been involving himself in the world of music since the early 1980s. He is a Panamanian singer and songwriter who owns Chocolate Genius Inc. Marc Anthony started his music career as he released his first album, ‘Marc Anthony Thompson,’ in 1984. Tessa’s father worked and produced albums with several artists under Chocolate Genius

Inc. In addition, Tessa’s father, Marc Anthony, composed original soundtracks for several films and theatre productions.

Tessa Thompson's father, Marc Anthony Thompson
Tessa Thompson’s father, Marc Anthony Thompson

Tessa Thompson’s Mother, Macaillah Biography

Even though her daughter, Tessa Thompson, is rising its fame in the film industry, Macaillah prefers to enjoy her life behind cameras and rejoice in her daughter’s accomplishments in private. Tessa respects how her mother, Macaillah, maintains her privacy, but she is fond of posting her on social media accounts.

After ending her marriage with Marc Anthony Thompson, Macaillah remained single and became a full-time mom to Tessa. She has been a supportive mother to the American actress ever since her formative years.

In addition, Tessa Thompson and her mother, Macaillah, had built a tremendously friendly relationship with Marc Anthony’s wife, Kate Sterlin. The 39-year-old actress shared her picture with her biological mother, Macaillah, on her Instagram on March 9, 2020. Tessa mentioned in her caption that her stepmother, Kate, took the photo, and they celebrated International Women’s Day together.

Tessa Thompson with her mother, Macaillah

Kate Sterlin is an American photographer who runs her own business website ‘Kate Sterlin.’ She worked for a family short film ‘Sometimes,’ which has appeared in several national and international film festivals.

Tessa Thompson’s Siblings

The American actress, Tessa Thompson, doesn’t have biological siblings. However, she has two younger half-siblings from his father, Marc Anthony. The second child of Marc Anthony is Zsela Sterlin-Thompson. Like their father, she is a singer, songwriter, and an Instagram famous with almost 18k followers. Zsela released her debut single ‘Noise’ in February 2019.

Tessa Thompson's half sister, Zsela Sterlin Thomson
Singer and song-writer, Zsela Sterlin Thompson

Then, the youngest child, Jody Rome Thompson, is currently living his life behind the fame, unlike her older sisters, Tessa and Zsela. He doesn’t reveal his personal information, but Jody is active on his Facebook account.

Tessa Thompson with her half brother, Jody Rome
Tessa Thompson with her half brother, Jody Rome

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