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Thandiwe Newton Parents: Nyasha Newton, Nick Newton, Siblings

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Image of Thandiwe Newton,OBE an english actress and emmy's awardee

Nyasha has worked with many famous names throughout her acting careers, such as Brad Pitt and Eddie Murphy.

But she has many achievements herself, such as being nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Westworld.

The award-winning Melanie Thandiwe Newton has staked her claim on British television worldwide.

Before Thandiwe achieved all her success in film, she stayed for three years in Zambia after she was born.

Then, when she turned three years old, she moved to her father’s hometown of Cornwall. So, who are Thandie Newton’s parents? Read about Nyasha Newton and Nick Newton here.

Melanie Newton’s Mother, Nyasha Newton

Image of Thandiwe Newton with her parents

Thandiwe Newton with her parents

Thandiwe’s mother, Nyasha Newton, is actually from Zimbabwe, where she was related to the tribe chief. So, Nyasha is from an ethnic tribe called the Shona. They are a Bantu ethnic group who live in South Africa.

Also, before her marriage, Nyasha’s name was Grace Nyasha Jombe, and she was the princess of the tribe.

When she moved to the United Kingdom, she took up nursing as a practice and became a healthcare professional in London. Furthermore, she worked at Bexley Hospital in Southeastern England.

Melanie Newton’s Father, Nick Newton

Thandiwe Newton’s father is of Cornish descent. Nick Newton is linked to the old mining business in the United Kingdom. Moreover, before he took up his job as a lab technician, he was a musician.

Nick was the bassist for the rock band The Druids in the sixties. Additionally, a bandmate of Nick says that girls would fawn over him after their gigs in the sixties.

Nick raised his family, where he grew up in Cornwall. Yet, living in Penzance in the seventies was challenging because of the racism that Thandiwe experienced growing up in the little town.

For example, she was denied the chance to be in her school photo because of her hair. On that day, Thandiwe had her hair in cornrows.

Moreover, Thandiwe comments that Penzance was a beautiful place to live. But, the people were very harsh on the racism toward Thandiwe and her family.

Yet, Thandiwe’s parents tried to shield her from all the hate.

Melanie Newton’s Siblings

Thandiwe has one younger brother. Her brother’s name is Jamie, and they grew up together in Penzance, Cornwall.

Unlike his sister Thandiwe, Jamie has stayed away from the public eye and the limelight of Hollywood. Though Jamie was an additional crew to some movies, he worked as production staff.

Melanie Newton’s Wikipedia – info¬†

Name Melanie Thandiwe Newton
Relationship Status Married
Occupation Actress
Nationality British

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