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Tom Brady’s Parents: Galynn Brady, Tom Brady Sr.

Image of Tom Brady in his game

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady is a retired American Football Quarterback. He played in the National Football League for over 20 seasons.

Brady holds the distinction for being the only quarterback to win three separate Super Bowl Titles. Additionally, he is the oldest player to earn the title of Super Bowl MVP.

The following paragraphs will reveal all the information about Tom Brady’s parents, including how they met.

Tom Brady’s parents’ love life.

Image of Tom Brady's parents, Galynn Brady and Tom Brady Sr.

Tom Brady’s parents, Galynn Brady, and Tom Brady Sr.

Bradys parents, Tom Sr, and Galynn Patricia Brady, met in California. Tom’s father was a lawyer who worked for a prominent insurance company back in the 1960s. His mom was passing through- at the time, she worked as a flight attendant.

The two shared an instant connection and, in the process, went out on a few dates. The couple officially got married on the 19th of April 1969 and have been together ever since.

Tom Brady’s mother, Galynn Brady

Image of Tom brady with his mother, Galynn Brady

Tom Brady with his mother, Galynn Brady

Brady’s mother, Galynn Brady, is a retired airline who worked. She is also known for supporting her son, evident from attending most of his games. Sadly, Tom Brady’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was older.

Thankfully, she successfully fought it through radiation and chemo and is now cancer-free.

Other than being a cancer survivor, Galynn was also a great mom. She made sure her children were well exposed to various sports.

Moreover, she encouraged them to pursue hobbies like piano, guitar, and ballet. This proved as all of Tom’s sisters would gain sports scholarships from softball.

Tom Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr.

Image of Tom Brady with his father, Tom Brady Sr.

Tom Brady with his father, Tom Brady Sr.

Brady’s father, Tom Brady, Sr., Went to the University of San Francisco. He later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

As we speak, Tom Sr is the owner, founder, and CEO of Thomas Brady and Associates. His enterprise has offices in New York and Boston. He is currently working as a boat carpenter and a waterman.

Tom Brady‘s siblings.

Image of Tom Brady with his family

Tom Brady with his family in 1985

Brady’s parents were blessed with four kids throughout their marriage. Interestingly, Tom is the only son in a family of three older sisters.

These are Maureen, Julie, and Nancy Brady. Tom is the youngest of them all. Sources say the girls were very competitive, and they pushed around their little brother most of the time.

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