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Tom Segura Parents: Rosario Segura, Thomas Weston, Siblings

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Tom Segura Parents: Rosario Segura, Thomas Weston, Siblings

Indeed, the comedian and actor Thomas Weston Segura has been to well-known events, like the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Second Last Comic Standing 2. This isn’t the only thing you might have heard him talk about. Tom Segura also has an interesting podcast called “Your Mom’s House,” which he and his wife Christina Pazsitsky make.

Are you wondering more about what kind of parents gave birth to Tom Segura and his siblings? Learn more about the actor slash comedian’s parents, Rosario Segura and Thomas Weston, as well as his siblings, in this article below.

Tom Segura Parents Love Life

It was in Peru that Thomas Segura Sr. met Rosario Lazarte. He was part of the US Navy when he met her. Then, in 1976, they said their vows, and soon after, they moved to Ohio.

Father Thomas Weston

Indeed, Tom Segura’s father, Thomas Nadeau, worked for the FBI and was active in his community. Furthermore, he worked on health care and giving back to the place where he lived.

Also, he is from Louisville, Kentucky. However, many people call him “Top Dog.” Before this, he graduated from Xavier University, where he learned about politics. Then, he took part in the Vietnam War. For more than 40 years, he worked at Merrill Lynch. Moreover, he died on December 29, 2021.

Tom Segura's father, Thomas Weston

Tom Segura’s father, Thomas Weston

Mother Rosario Charo Segura

Rosario Lazarte Segura is the mother of famous comedian Tom Segura. Most people call her Charo, but she is called Rosario Lazarte Segura by some people.

Besides that, she has Peruvian blood and is bilingual. She can speak both her native language, Spanish and English. However, not much is known about her early life or career or what she did in the past.

As a side note, many people say that Onania is a good person because she is funny. That’s true because her son is a comedian. Thus, it makes sense that Tom learned how to be funny from.

Tom Segura's mother, Rosario Charo Segu

Tom Segura with his mother, Rosario Charo Segura


Tom Segura was raised in Dayton, Ohio, and his two sisters, Maria and Jane Segura. Additionally, the former has been married to Jeffrey Petersen for about twelve years presently. Similarly, Peterson works at Merrill Lynch, which is where Maria’s father, Thomas Segura Sr., worked for over 40 years. Subsequently, they have two children together: Weston and Greysen.

On the other hand, Jane Segura primarily works as a real estate agent. Additionally, she works at Berkshire Hathaway in sales. However, she is not yet married, but her household is lively with her pet dog.

Tom Segura with his parents and sisters

Tom Segura with his parents and sisters, Maria and Jane

In conclusion, Tom, Maria, and Jane have a good relationship together and are close brothers and sisters.

Quick Facts

Full Name Thomas Weston Segura
Date of Birth April 16, 1979
Profession Comedian and Actor
Place of Birth Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Age (2022) 42
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Christina Pazsitzky
Children 2

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