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Tommy Lee Parents: David Lee Thomas Bass, Vassiliki “Voula” Papadimitriou, Siblings

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Image of Tommy Lee America musician and artist

Most notably known as Tommy Lee, Thomas Lee Bass is a renowned musician and songwriter. Together with bassist Nikki Sixx, they founded the famous heavy band.

He is known to be the band’s drummer. He and his crew have also been placed under hot water for their hedonistic lifestyles.

His career has been filled with controversy that has been stacked throughout many years.

Despite this, Tommy Lee is still regarded as an icon in metal music. He even founded another rap-metal band called Methods of Mayhem and has produced many musical projects by himself.

Tommy Lee’s Parents’ Love Life

The drummer was born to an American-Welsh couple. Tommy’s parents, David and Voula, conceived him on the 3rd of October 1962 in the city of Athens in Greece.

There is not much information regarding the couple’s love life. It is not available to the public how, where, and when the couple met each other.

But it is sure to be a fantastic story to tell their children. They also seemed to shape the young boy’s future as he said they gave him his first drum sticks when he was still four years old.

We are currently looking into this ordeal and will update the article if newer information becomes available to the public.

Tommy Lee’s Father David Lee Thomas Bass Biography

Image of Tommy Lee is a Hard Rock musician

Tommy Lee is a Hard Rock musician

From his name alone, one would assume that the Bass family is a family of musicians. It may be the case, but David Lee Thomas Bass has his roots in the military.

He served as a Sergeant in the United States Army for several years. Since the couple lived in Greece, he decided to migrate back to the United States when Tommy was two years old.

They finally settled in the state of California after moving around.

Today, no one knows about David’s whereabouts, although rumors suggest that he already passed away last 2017 at 79 years old. But then again, credible sources have not confirmed the rumors.

Tommy Lee’s mother, VassilikiVoula” Papadimitriou Biography

Image of Tommy Lee Founder of the heavy metal band Mötley

Tommy Lee, Founder of the heavy metal band Mötley

Judging by Voula’s background and photos of her on the internet, we can say that David knows how to pick his woman.

A known contestant in the 1957’s Miss Greece beauty pageant, Vassiliki Papadimitriou proved to be a remarkable person.

Although there is limited information surrounding her, it is safe to say that she has lived a quiet and peaceable life.

Voula passed away in March of 2012, and details about her death have not been made public.


Aside from Tommy, the couple also had another kid. Their daughter, and the artist’s sister, Athena Lee Bass, is also a drummer and an actress.

She joined and played for several bands before and has been nominated for notable awards. She won Best Female Drummer at the Rock City Awards Show in L.A.

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