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Trisha Paytas Parents: Lenna Bland, Frank Paytas, Siblings.

Image of Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas is famous on YouTube. Furthermore, her account has almost 5 million followers. Moreover, she is a podcast host and a singer.

However, before her fame, she experienced complex challenges in her life. Most of it is due to her parents. Therefore, let’s meet Lenna Bland, Frank Paytas, and her siblings!

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Trisha Paytas’ Parents’ Love Life.

Image of Trisha Paytas
Trisha Paytas, an American YouTuber, writer, and singer

Unfortunately, the love life of the Paytas is not available online. However, some sources had stated they split when Trisha was three. Moreover, the ex-couple currently hates each other.

Trisha’s Father: Frank Paytas bio.

In 1956, Frank Paytas was born to Helen and Frank Paytas Sr. Moreover, he has three siblings, Julianne, Joseph, and George.

His current wife’s name is Kimberly. Unfortunately, his daughter does not like her. However, the father-daughter remains neutral.

Moreover, he is knowledgeable in stocks. Thus, leading him to create five finance companies.

All of them were successful! His most well-known corporation is Paytas Investments.

Trisha Paytas’ Mother Lenna Bland bio.

Image of Trisha Paytas with her sister, boyfriend, and mother, Lenna Bland
Trisha Paytas with her sister, boyfriend, and mother, Lenna Bland

Illinois-raised Lenna Kay Bland was born on the 14th of August, 1958. Information on her family and education is too little.

However, a few sources mentioned she attended a high school called Freeport.

Moreover, her love life is like a roller-coaster. As such, Lenna was married five times.

However, she had children with her second and third husband only. Now, she is living freely as a single woman.

Moreover, like Trisha, she is a semi-influencer. She also runs a YouTube channel.

In addition, she posts updates on her life on Instagram @mamagotback583.

You can check out her most-watched video here.

Trisha Paytas’ Siblings

Image of Trisha Paytas with her sister, Kalli Metz
Trisha Paytas with her sister, Kalli Metz

The YouTube star has two siblings, Nick and Kalli. Moreover, she has a close relationship with them both.

Unfortunately, details of her brother are only a few. However, sources stated he graduated college in San Diego and Colorado. Moreover, he is working as a financial manager for a company.

Additionally, he wasn’t on good terms before with his father. But now, he is living near their place in Illinois.

Next, we have Kalli Metz, the half-sister of Trisha. Moreover, she is the daughter of her mother and her mom’s ex-husband.

She came to the world on the 22nd of January, 1993.

Like her sister, Kalli is an influencer. She has multiple social media accounts. In addition, she also has acting experience. However, her performances are currently private.

Trisha Paytas’ Wikipedia-info 

Full NameTrisha Kay Paytas
BirthdateThe 8th of May, 1988
Age (2022)33 years old
BirthplaceRiverside, California
ProfessionYouTuber, Singer, Podcaster

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