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Tyga Parents: Pasionaye Nguyen, Stevie J. Stevenson, Siblings

Image of tyga wearing red vest and black shirt

Rack City rapper Tyga has changed the game with his music. The Soul Train awardee often raps about his parents in his music.

So, what do we know about Tyga’s family? So, read to learn more about his parents Pasionaye Nguyen and Stevie Stevenson.

Mother Pasionaye Nguyen

Image of tyga with his mom Pasionaye Nguyen
Tyga with his mom Pasionaye Nguyen

Pasionaye Nguyen raised Tyga as a single mother in Compton, California. Also, she had her son Tyga at only 16 years old. Yet, she suffered from domestic violence from Tyga’s father, Stevie.

But Tyga is very close to his mother and has written music about her.

Pasionaye Nguyen is half Vietnamese because her mother is full Vietnamese. Also, her mother’s name is Kim Nguyen, and she immigrated here from Vietnam.

So, this ancestry means that Tyga is one-fourth Vietnamese. Moreover, Pasionaye’s sister Cece says that Kim’s mother is not fluent in English.

Father Stevie J. Stevenson

Image of Tyga's father at a press conference for his case
Tyga’s father at a press conference for his case

Tyga’s father, Stevie J. Stevenson, was not in his life growing up. Stevie was in prison for all of Tyga’s childhood and still is now. Moreover, Stevie is serving a life sentence and has no chance of parole.

In an interview, Stevie says he has six children in one year, all with different mothers. Stevie did not even know that his son had become one of the most famous rappers.

Also, he found out that one of his daughters reached out and found Tyga. At first, Stevie thought that this famous rapper was not his son, just someone with the same name. Then, one of his fellow inmates gave him a Tyga album to listen to in prison.

Then, Stevie heard Tyga’s song about not having a father in his life. He said it hurt very much because of the lyric about Tyga and his mother eating alone at the dinner table.

Yet, Stevie tells about how the day Tyga was born was the most humbling of his life. Also, Stevie says he even cut the cord in the delivery room.

But Tyga says on Twitter that his father-figure was Tupac, not his dad.

Tyga’s Parents’ Love Story

Pasionaye and Stevie were never married. Stevie was also absent for almost all of the star’s childhood because he was put in jail. Sadly, he also hit Pasionaye while they were still together.

Tyga’s Siblings

Tyga’s father, Stevie J. Stevenson, says that he had six children in one year. In an interview. Yet, the rapper did not grow up with these siblings.

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