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Tyler Herro Parents: Jen, Chris Herro, Siblings.

Image of Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro is a young player in the National Basketball Association or the NBA and is currently signed to the Miami Heat.

Moreover, Tyler played a vital role in the Heat’s playoff run to the 2020 NBA finals before losing to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Additionally, famous rapper Jack Harlow wrote a song about the player titled “Tyler Herro.”

The Miami Heat shooting guard quickly makes a name for himself, so many NBA fans are curious to know more about his family background and siblings.

Thus, here is all the information on Tyler Herro’s parents, Jen and Chris Herro, in this article below.

Tyler Herro’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association.

It is unknown when Jen and Chris Herro married, but they settled down in Greenfield, Wisconsin, and had their son Tyler on January 20, 2000.

Then, they had two children after that, Austina and Myles. Moreover, they don’t share much about their love life, but they are still happily married today and supporting their children.

Father of Tyler Herro, Chris Herro

Image of Tyler Herro with his father, Chris Herro

Tyler Herro with his father, Chris Herro

Chris Herro, the father of an aspiring basketball player, was a hopeful player himself back in the day.

Moreover, he aimed to play in the NBA, but a devastating ACL injury stopped those dreams short.

Nevertheless, he shared his learnings with his son and coached him early.

Likewise, Chris didn’t take it slow with Tyler and was not afraid to bench him if he wasn’t performing well. However, Tyler was grateful for this discipline.

He said that his father is one of the most significant influences in his life, and he is grateful for his guidance and support growing up.

Mother of Tyler Herro,  Jen

Image of Tyler Herro's mother, Jen Herro, with his siblings

Tyler Herro’s mother, Jen Herro, with his siblings

There is little information on the mother of the star, Jen Herro. Indeed, she prefers to keep out of the public spotlight, especially since her son is one of the most monitored players today.

Nevertheless, she always had a soft spot for her son and thought her husband was too rough raising their son together. Likewise, she has a close relationship with her son, and when Tyler was earning NBA money, he bought a Gucci bag for her.

Tyler Herro’s Siblings

Image of Tyler Herro with his family

The star with his family

The Miami Heat star has two siblings, and both are brothers and younger than him. Did you know that his brothers also play basketball? Furthermore, their names are Austin Herro and Myles Herro.

Tyler Herro’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name Tyler Christopher Herro
Profession Professional basketball player
Team Miami Heat
Position Shooting guard
Date of Birth January 20, 2000
Place of Birth Greenfield, Wisconsin
Age (2022) 22

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