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Tyler, the Creator Parents: Bonita Smith, Siblings

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Tyler, the Creator Parents, Bonita Smith, Siblings

Self-made Grammy-winning artist Tyler, the Creator, revolutionized the industry since posting music online. Now, fans want to know about his personal information, including his parents and siblings. Read about Tyler the Creator’s mother, Bonita Smith, and his father here.

Mother Bonita Smith Bio

Tyler the Creator’s mother, Bonita Smith, is of mixed African-American and European-Canadian ancestry. Additionally, Tyler’s mother is a social worker with a college degree. She raised Tyler and his sister. Moreover, Tyler attended several different schools during his youth, but despite that, his mom still supported him.

Bonita was featured in Tyler’s music. The most famous is “Momma Talk,” on his album Call Me if You Get Lost. Evidently, the track is a voice recording of his mother talking about how she would do anything to defend her kids.

Tyler, the creator with his mother, Bonita Smith
Tyler, the creator with his mother, Bonita Smith

Tyler began creating music when he was very young. Through all of it, his mother always supported him and his music career.

Moreover, Tyler’s Album Igor won the Grammy for the Best Rap Album. He received the award with his mother.

“That’s my mama if yall wondering,”

Tyler the Creator says as his mom hugs him in tears. Truly, It was a funny and heartfelt moment for the mother and son on stage.

Tyler says on Twitter,

“I had no father or uncles or brothers so LOVE to all the women who raised me.”

Furthermore, It is known from Tyler’s music that his father was not present while he was growing up, so he appreciates his mom the most.


Tyler, the Creator’s father, is known to be Nigerian with Igbo ancestry. Yet, there is not much information on Tyler’s father. It seems that the father was not around during his childhood.

Yet, it is said that Tyler once met his dad when he was 12 years old but had no memory of it.

Moreover, Tyler made tracks about his father. For example, in “Answer,” Tyler raps about how he is glad his dad is not in his life. But if ever Tyler would call him, he hopes his dad will answer the phone.

Tyler, the Creator Parents Love Story

Tyler grew up without his father. Therefore, there is not much information about their story. However, in his song “Answer,” Tyler says that his father left when his mother Bonita was 20 years old.


Tyler the Creator has one younger sister. His sister Lynda was born on July 7. Moreover, their mother, Bonita, raised them together.

Tyler, the creator and his sister, Lynda
Tyler, the creator, and his sister, Lynda

Quick facts

NameTyler Gregory Okonma
Stage NameTyler, The Creator
Date of BirthMarch 6, 1991
Place of BirthLadera Heights, California, United States
ProfessionRapper and Producer

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