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Tyrann Mathieu Parents: Darrin Hayes, Tyrone Mathieu, Tyra Mathieu, Shelia Mathieu, Siblings

Image of Tyrann Mathieu

Tyrann Devine Mathieu or most commonly known as Tyrann Mathieu is a professional football player who played as a team’s backline safety.

He became a part of various notable NFL teams such as the Houston Texans, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Arizona Cardinals.

In his collegiate years as an athlete, Tyrann made a name for himself by causing tons of turnovers during various matches.

Because of this, he earned the Southeastern Conference’s record of having 11 career fumbles and being called by many fans “the Honey Badger.”

He was recognized by various professional football teams and drafted by the Cardinals. The athlete spent five years in the group before transferring to the other two.

Tyrann Mathieu’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Tyrann Mathieu
Tyrann Mathieu is an American football safety who is a free agent. He played college football for Louisiana State University.

His biological parents’ love life and relationship with them have a terrible history.

Both Darrin and Tyra are what their son would describe as “horrible” parents.

The couple was not available for a significant part of the athlete’s life. Tyrann’s uncle and aunt substituted most of “their” parental time, and they are what he would consider his “parents.”

Tyrann Mathieu’s Father Darrin Hayes, Tyrone Mathieu Biography

Some would say that the football star’s parental story might be a mixed blessing.

He was unfortunate and fortunate for having two father figures in his life: his biological father and his uncle. Darrin grew up in a violent and dangerous suburban area.

Specifically, a local housing project located in New Orleans. This background may or may not be one of the factors that affected his years of absence in Tyrann’s life.

Although several sources stated that Darrin’s absence was caused by his time in jail, it was said that he was acquitted of killing someone before, thus, making him unavailable to visit his son.

On the other hand, Tyrone quickly became the athlete’s guardian after his parents’ temporary departure.

Tyrann Mathieu’s Mother, Tyra Mathieu, Shelia Mathieu Biography

Image of Tyrann Mathieu with her mother, Shelia Mathieu
Tyrann Mathieu with her mother, Shelia Mathieu

There is little information regarding the football player’s mother figures: Tyra Mathieu and Shelia Mathieu.

Tyra is the athlete’s biological mother, and however, just like his husband, she was pretty much absent for a large portion of his life.

Because of this, his uncle and aunt, together with other extended family members, took care of him and made way for him to become a successful person.

Tyrann Mathieu’s Siblings

Despite the horrible childhood that Tyrann suffered through, he was not alone in this journey.

Together with her sister Darrineka Mathieu, they embraced the harsh reality thrown at them. There is not much known about her. However, we will keep digging for new information surrounding the athlete’s sister.

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