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Victoria Justice Parents: Serene Justice-Reed, Zack Justice, Siblings

Image of Victoria Justice

She was born in Hollywood, Florida, the United States, on February 19, 1933. Victoria Dawn Justice started her career at a young age.

She made her first appearance on the television series “Gilmore Girls,” a comedy series in 2003, where she was invited to be a guest character.

She also pursued a career in the music industry, where she recorded a few songs, including Victorious and “which is a musical on the Nickelodeon network in 2009.

Learn more about the Wikipedia-like biography, identities, and love history of Victoria Justice’s mother, father, and siblings. Keep reading this article because we have the details you need.

Victoria Justice’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Victoria Justice with her parents
Victoria Justice with her parents

The dating history and marriage of the actress’ parents were not disclosed to their fans or media outlets, but sources said that they separated for having differences.

The details about their separation were also not revealed to the interviewers. Our team will try to get more information about the love history of her parents, and this article will be updated once the family has decided to share the details.

Victoria Justice’s Mother,

Image of Victoria Justice with her mother, Serene Justice-Reed
Victoria Justice with her mother, Serene Justice-Reed

Serene Justice-Reed is the mother of the rising young actress. On February 27, 1959, she was born, and years later, she gave birth to Victoria, who is now well-known in the acting industry.

The actress was grateful to her mother for being an influential person and great mentor when she was still trying to build up her career in the United States.

Victoria acknowledges her mother’s efforts and insists that she would not be in her place right now if it were not for Serene.

Victoria Justice’s Father, Zack Justice


Zack Justice is the father of the actress turned singer.

The father-daughter relationship may have blossomed as they were very close on social media, and Victoria often shares pictures of her and her father.

One tweet of Victoria on Twitter showed their picture together where Zack was carrying her, and the actress was very proud to introduce her father to her Twitter followers.

Zack decided not to share his details on social media despite her daughter’s active engagement with her fans. Our team will perform deep research about the family and see if we can find more details about Zack Justice.

Victoria Justice’s Siblings


The star has a half-sister on her father’s side, and she is Madison Grace Reed. On May 28, 1996, in Hollywood, Florida, United States.

The half-sister of the actress has been a long-time social media influencer, and she posts a lot of updates about her lifestyle and social activities.

The reach of her social media accounts is impressive, and young girls idolize her for being a former member of her school’s gymnastics club and cheerleading team.

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