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Victory Brinker Parents: Christine Brinker, Eric Brinker, Siblings

Image of Victory Binker

America’s Got Talent is the home of people who want to share their talents with the entire world and gather fans and attention that will open new doors for them. Victory Brinker is a young child who joined th television show and showcased her fantastic opera singing skills.

She did not disappoint her fans as she ranked and finished in the Bottom 5 of the Top 10.

If you want to learn more about the Wikipedia-type biography, names, and love life of Victory Brinker’s mother, father, and siblings, keep reading this article because we have the information you need.

Victory Brinker’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Victory Binker
Victory Brinker is the youngest female professional opera singer.

The family has kept a private life even though their daughter has appeared in one of the most famous talent shows of the decade.

Christine and Eric did not disclose more information about their dating history, but the couple looks happy when they accompany their daughter to events and shows.

They have also been blessed with ten other children and never miss an opportunity to give attention to them.

Like other people say, if you have a huge family, you have to ready trucks filled with love, care, and attention so no one would be left out, and the couple seems to be doing a great job.

Victory Brinker’s Mother, Christine Brinker

Image of Victory Binker's mother, Christine Binker
Victory Binker’s mother, Christine Binker

Christine Brinker is the mother of a young talented opera singer. She is not like her husband, who chose to keep her personal information from the public.

Christine pursued the profession of being a naturopathic doctor and gathered almost twenty-five years of experience in the field.

She also aims to help the community by being the director of the Natural Wellness Center, which seeks to educate people about their health.

She was also the one who went with her daughter during her appearance in the Season 16 of America’s Got Talent, where Victory got a golden buzzer.

Victory Brinker’s Father, Eric Brinker

Image of Victory Binker's father, Eric Binker with her siblings
Victory Binker’s father, Eric Binker, with her siblings

Even though the father of the talented child chose to keep his personal information private, the people around their family shared information about the opera singer’s father.

People claimed that Eric Brinker had a selfless heart that would do anything for his children to achieve their dreams and have equal opportunities.

Victory is grateful for his father’s continuous support and guidance while she takes on the world of opera.

Victory Brinker’s Siblings


The Brinker family has been blessed with a vast family. Victory has ten siblings. They are all not biologically related, as nine were adopted, but they give fair treatment.

The parents of Victory shared that it all started with two biological kids, and after that, they have decided to adopt nine more because they wanted to help the children with medical needs.

The family also shared that they are proud to say that their children have successfully fought and won against their medical conditions.

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