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Who are the Parents and Siblings of Machine Gun Kelly?

Image of Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly, also known as Colson Baker, is a famous American rapper, singer, musician, and actor.

The rapper was born on April 22, 1990. His incorporation of contemporary and alternative hip hop with rock made him famous in the music industry.

According to Kelly, his early life was not like any other teenager story; he used to be so rebellious because of his parents.

He only finished high school at Shaker Heights High School and then continued to write his music independently.

Kelly released four mixtapes from 2007 to 2010, and some of his works won in the Apollo Theater.

Read the article below to know more details about Machine Gun Kelly’s parents’ biography, love life, and career.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Machine Gun Kelly
Colson Baker, commonly known as Machine Gun Kelly, is an American rapper, singer, musician, and actor.

Machine Gun Kelly’s parents’ names are unfortunately not known.

But according to the rapper, his parents are missionaries in Houston.

He lived in a strict household, and both of his parents were very religious to the point where he grew up being controlled, resulting in him becoming a rebel.

Initially, the family of three permanently moved around the world. They even lived in Egypt, Germany and finally settled in the United States, in Chicago, Denver, and Cleveland.

When Kelly reached high school, his parents divorced, only he left with his father.

After the divorce, Kelly, together with his father, moved to Cleveland and lived with Kelly’s aunt. He had to endure bullies at school because of not have a mother.

However, no matter how sad the rapper’s childhood was, he was close with his father and aunt.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Mother

There is no available information about Machine Gun Kelly’s mother, and she is only identified as a missionary based in Houston.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Father

Image of Machine Gun Kelly with his father
Young Machine Gun Kelly with his father

At a young age, Machine Gun Kelly never achieved a motherly figure.

The rapper was left with his father, a missionary as well. The relationship between the father and son was not significant during the starting career of Kelly.

He was not supportive of his work, and it made Machine Gun Kelly more rebellious and more immersed in creating music in his favorite genre: rap.

Machine Gun Kelly’s father suffered from depression and unemployment.

The rapper said in one interview that his only parent was not hands-on compared to other parents. He was also left by his father and learned that Kelly’s father died in 2020.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Sibling

The American rapper is reported to have no siblings.

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