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Who are the Parents and Siblings of Shantel Jackson?

Image of Shantel Jackson

If you’ve been on the internet and have been following the life of renowned boxing professional Floyd Mayweather Jr., then you know who we’re talking about. Shantel Jackson is Floyd’s ex-girlfriend, and we got to say that they had a very complicated and toxic relationship.

We’re starting with this topic because this is one of the main reasons Shantel has catapulted again into mainstream media. Reports suggest that the two were constantly on each other’s tails, bickering and threatening.

A statement from Shantel says that the boxer pointed a gun at her before and was even sending threats to her stating that she needed to return his money. Her first taste of the spotlight was when she was in a relationship with famed rapper Nelly.

They spent a considerable chunk of their years as girlfriend and boyfriend, only to let it end six years later. But Shantel quickly thought that being dependent on her partner’s fame and fortune won’t get her anywhere.

So, she built a following and has constantly gained various modeling engagements because of her social media presence.

Are you curious about the parents of famous internet personality Shantel Jackson? Does the celebrity have any other siblings? Learn more about her personal life and family by reading the article below.

Shantel Jackson’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Shantel Jackson
Shantel Jackson is an actress, model, and social media personality. She is known for her appearance in Freelancers (2012)

Born to African American and Indian parents, Shantel quickly got recognition because of her smoking hot body and gorgeous face. Even amid her fame and fortune, she was not vocal about narrating her parents’ cultural and family background.

Shantel is ready to face the public’s prying eyes but prefers to keep her family from other people’s business.

Shantel Jackson’s Father Biography

Because of the actress’ presumed oath to secrecy towards her family, her father’s name remains anonymous.

Even when it comes to her social media posts, hints and clues about her family are still hard to find. We know that she went from a pretty well-off family that supported her along the way.

Her father made sure that she could achieve her dreams and aspiration.

Shantel Jackson’s Mother Biography

Like her father, Shantel’s goal of making her family shy away from the masses is also evident. Her mother’s name also remains unknown.

But it does not mean that she was absent in the star’s life. With limited data that we can gather from her social media and Wikipedia-like biographies, we can concur that she was supportive of her daughter’s success.

Shantel Jackson’s Siblings

Although she has not yet disclosed any of her siblings’ names, we can confirm that she has four other siblings. She is the middle child of all the children that her parents had in their years of marriage.

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