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Who are Tyrus’ Parents and Siblings?

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George Murdoch, commonly known as Tyrus, is a professional wrestler competing in the National Wrestling Alliance. Additionally, he appeared in WWE and Impact Wrestling was earned the moniker of Tyrus.

Moreover, the star shared previously that his childhood was full of racism and domestic violence, which led to wrestling fans who his family members are. Thus, get to know his mother and father, and siblings.

Tyrus’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Tyrus
Tyrus is an American professional wrestler who is currently signed to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)

The wrestler comes from a mixed family, and his dad was black while on the other hand, his mother was white. Consequently, he and his brother were biracial and were black.

This gave them many problems growing up, especially when they ran into family trouble.

Moreover, the stars’ parents gave birth to him when they were still young, his mom was only 15-years old, and his father was four years older.

However, after one particular incident where his father smacked him in the eye, his mom decided to leave her partner.

Then, she tried to bring them into her grandfather’s household, but her father didn’t allow them. From there, Tyrus left the family into a foster home.

Tyrus’ Father

Although Tyrus’ father’s name and identity are unknown, the wrestler shared that he was an abusive father and partner at home. Indeed, he would regularly beat his partner.

According to him, whatever “came out of her mouth” was reason enough to get hit. Additionally, when he was younger was not exempted from the abuse and his father beat his eye badly.

Tyrus’ Mother

Like Tyrus’ father, his mother’s name is also unknown. Although, she was 15-years old when she gave birth to her son and had a hard time raising them when her partner was abusive.

After a nasty incident where Tyrus’ father smacked him in the eye, she brought him and his brother to her grandfather’s house.

However, her grandfather only allowed her to live with him, and he did not allow her children since they were black.

Consequently, the star and his brother went into a foster home, and although they were reunited with their mother briefly after, they left the family for good.

Tyrus’ Siblings

The wrestler has one sibling, a brother whose identity is unknown. Nevertheless, they share a close bond as they only had each other growing up.

They stuck it through the rough times and are now in a better situation.

Tyrus’ Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

George Murdoch


Professional wrestler

Date of Birth

February 21, 1973

Place of Birth

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Age (2022)


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