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YaYa Gosselin Parents: Tyler Gosselin, Monica Gosselin, Siblings

Image of YaYa Gosselin

A child star that has appeared in several blockbuster films and shows in Hollywood. Felisita Leon Gosselin, known to many as YaYa Gosselin, is a rising young actress.

At only 13 years old, the child actress has starred in various shows such as the TV series horror franchise The Purge.

Not only that, but she also had a minor role in Netflix’s original teen drama show 13 Reasons Why.

Currently, she has a role in an ongoing television series FBI: Most Wanted. And a recent appearance as Missy Moreno in Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes.

YaYa Gosselin’s Parents’ Love Life

 YaYa Gosselin with her family
Image of YaYa Gosselin with her family

The rising actress’s parent’s love life is not available to the public. Both her parents nor YaYa has not disclosed any personal information regarding the topic.

However, the couple is still together. They live with their children and are often seen going on adventures together.

Monica said she adores her husband in a post on the family’s official blog entitled “The Gosselin Five.”

Stating that she is beyond grateful for the amazing man that she has the blessing to meet.

YaYa Gosselin’s Father Tyler Gosselin Biography

Tyler’s personal information is not available on the internet. He posted that he does not even want to dive deep into his personal history in the same family’s blog.

He added that his back story “does not light a candle” on his wife’s remarkable life. However, he said that his family’s love strengthens him, adding that it gives him inspiration and delight.

Furthermore, the young actress seems to be closed to his father.

Several pictures of him and her daughter show the relationship the two have. His ethnicity is also not available to the masses, but it is evident that he is Caucasian.

YaYa Gosselin’s Mother, Monica Gosselin Biography

Image of YaYa Gosselin with her mother, Monica Mendez Gosselin sister Nicolette James
YaYa Gosselin with her mother, Monica Mendez Gosselin ,and her sister Nicolette James

The young star’s mother seems to be ecstatic and outgoing. As of this article’s writing, Monica is in her late 30’s, approximately turning 39 this year.

It may not look like it, but YaYa’s mother is very athletic. She played basketball and participated in various Tae Kwon Do competitions domestically and internationally.

She also added that she could speak Italian since she spent two years living in Rome. On top of that, she is also a business owner and a self-taught portrait photographer.

Talk about women’s empowerment!

YaYa Gosselin’s Siblings

Image Of Yaya Gosselin with her siblings
Yaya Gosselin with her siblings

Tyler and Monica’s affection towards each other blossomed into something beautiful, producing not only one kid but two more children.

The actress is the eldest among the three of them. Her two other sisters are named Nicolette and Pippa Gosselin.

Their parents’ love flows onto their children, as seen in the family’s photos on their social media accounts.

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